Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Dreams!

Hello Everyone! We had an interesting week. The children were healthy but now the computer got a virus. The whole thing went a"crash." I lost all of my bookmarks. But I am slowly recovering and so is the computer!

On a lighter note, we have been blessed with some spring weather! You know...coldish (40-50) and some rain and lots of wind but it is officially here finally. I love spring! Its fun to finally get outside for walks and bike riding. We are hoping to get away for part of spring break and spend some family time together. Sarah will be turning 11 soon too. Yikes! The days just speed by so I thought I would try to capture some weekend know the routine things you do but never photograph....bath and bedtime! Oh and a clean room! Amazing stuff I tell ya! ;)

Fresh and clean straight out of the bath:

This is Sarah's very very messy desk! Yikes!

And this is Sarah perched on her bed trying to do her homework! This certainly won't do so her first assignment is to clean up!

This is after!!! Much better!

And finally, getting the girls ready for bed!
Nighty-Night everyone!

Sweet dreams!

I have been sewing up a storm lately so I will be posting some pics of the new stuff soon!!!! Have a great week everyone!!!

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