Saturday, March 20, 2010

From St. Patricks Day to First Day of Spring

What is that saying..."In like a lion, out like a lamb"?? Well this is truly the case for March this year. And what better things did we have to do last weekend other than to leave the house during a torrential down pour and wind of yet another Nor'Easter??? So of course we headed over to Lime Ricky's St. Patrick's Day Party! They rolled out the red carpet...which was actually towels and turned up the heat and brought food and fun....what's better than that???!!! If you've never seen the boardwalk in the looks quite different...
Here we are...taking shelter as we walked

And we arrived looking like drowned rats! LOL! The girls each had a bag of quarters and off they went!
Some skee-ball....hey I even tried and scored a high of 270!!!
Devon's necklace....out of the gift bag they give you!
Sarah won the hourly raffle and $50 of free play! Yaaaaa Sarah!
Jonathan our happy host! He's wearing his St. Patty's hat and pig tails....tehehehe!
They even had yummy food for cookies were a hit!
Hey I know those two people!!!
They had Shepherd's Pie and hot dogs and lots of goodies!
Stompin away at the stomp game....this is a great activity for kids actually! Helps Brooklyn speed up her coordination...
More skee ball!
Sarah trying her luck with a game...
When we left, the rain finally subsided enough for me to take a few shots. Here is the boardwalk under construction...
Brrrr....bundled up!
Self Portrait!
Then we headed over to Pizza Hut for dinner.

I brought coloring books and crayons in our new Tailored Totes....this one was made by Carla herself!!! The girls were so excited that Louie had them in mind when he helped mama pick out the fabric! Thanks again Carla and Louie!!! I know I am going a little off topic here but while I am on the topic of Carla....she made a free download of her folding template...check it out!

Dinner pizza for reading books every month...what a deal! Thanks Pizza Hut!!!! :)

One of my disser friends, Jill, has a little cutie pie turning one pretty soon. I made her and her big sister tees to wear for the occasion. This one is for Brooklynn (yes, they have one too!)
...and this one is for Bella, the birthday girl. Happy First Birthday sweetie!!!
Oppps forgot to upright this pic....but can you see what Devon is holding? Its Jilly! Its a hamster...the best cage to clean or food to buy or waterbottle to clean...and more surprise babies....ask me how I know this someday ;)

This is Brooklyn's....her name is Pipsqueak...
And they have cute!
I suppose you remember Feb 6th? The blizzard? Can't forget that! Here is a before shot...
and a month later we have the first signs of Spring..... growing....
TaDa! They blossomed today on the first day of Spring as if on schedule. We are truly enjoying the gorgeous weather this week!!!!

We arrived at dance class Tuesday to find out that Devon was picked for Student of the Week! Congratulations Devon!!!
Here she is with her VERY sweet dance teacher, Miss Babe!
They were getting shamrock stitckers at the end of class. Devon loves dance class!

Sarah got some too!
Devon and Julia! Julia celebrated a birthday this week as well! Happy 6th Birthday Jules!!!
Ouch...notice we aren't used to the sun! Pale as ghosts!
With the time change and some sunshine this past week, the kids could get outside after school and play!
They had bubbles and music and a impromptu limbo game broke out!
Sing along....limbo, limbo, limbo!!!

Edmund was out putting in screens when our friend, Terry, stopped by. I helped him with his facebook page! hahahaha
Here is his new profile pic!
OH and guess what? I found two open spots for swim lessons for the girls! They swim on Saturday mornings! It works out perfectly and gives them something fun to do on the weekends! The pool is super! The water is nice and warm and the place is hot and humid! Check out my was fogging up for the first 15 minutes.
Notice Brooklyn is gearing up for a panic attack.....
So she sat next to me on the bench for awhile to observe. I finally inched her over to the water. Then she put her floatation belt on!
Here is Devon practicing with the kickboard...
and next thing I know...Brooklyn decides to go in! Yaaaaa for you Brookie!
Devon practicing Big Arms!
They sat on the edge and "dove" in....Devon did great!
Brooklyn on her turn across the pool. There are two instructors who split the class so it worked out great!
Goggles on!
At the end of class, the kids got Play Time. Devon wanted to jump into the deep end. At first I was going to say no but she did have an instructor right there and the floatation belt on. I held my breath when she jumped in but she popped right and sound! Here she is making a big splash!
Then she swam the length of the pool! Not bad for the first day!
The girls can't wait till next week! Fun!

So on the first day of spring, Rita's Water Ice has free water ice! Yaaaa for Rita's! We ran over to get some. I will include pics on my next post. I am also working on another spring Easter dress!
Have a great weekend...thanks for reading along!!!