Friday, July 13, 2012

Third Day at Disney - Part 3

Hello Everyone!!
Hope you were able to find your way here to eblogger! Thanks for joining us on another installment of our Disney adventure!! So in our last installment, we had just finished up with our Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment!
So as we were leaving the castle, my phone rings and its Mary. She is on her way to MK and we decide to meet at our next stop...the teacups! So we headed over there...

There was no way I could ride actually....I do not spin well. And I don't think Brooklyn wanted to ride either but Devon and Sarah did! So they got in line and about that time Mary arrived! Ya! As you can see the wait time was about 15 minutes. Not too bad considering the time. It must have been close to 11 am by this point.

They enjoyed their spin quite a bit! And I believe we decided to head back up to the castle at this point and take the BBB pics. That took about 1/2 hr. It was getting crowded but we were basically done except for Mickey's Philharmagic. Mary went with the girls and took the four fastpasses so they could get right in. 

While they enjoyed that, I did a little shopping and looking around...people watching....that sort of thing. And "they" had finally arrived:

 Check out the crowds....this is an 8 crowd. Hate to be here at a 10 crowd level. But I was quite at peace since we didn't have to fight the crowd to board attractions...we were done!
 Here's a pic of my charm bracelet...I think we all eventually got one.

After we all met up again, we headed to our lunch ADR's at the Plaza...famous for its small quaint atmosphere, excellent ice cream and good food! We checked in at the podium and relaxed for about 5 minutes before they called us. Check out the crowds pouring in!

 Cinderella on her magical!
 Devon was checking her goodie bag from BBB!

We were called in after about 5 minutes or so...right on time for our adr time. Love the Plaza! It was cool and peaceful compared to the craziness of the park. We had a great CM too!

They had some sort of celebration....some CM's came by...not sure what was going on....
We were enjoying this:

 Followed by this: delish!!!

I do remember our server was very attentive. I had finished my ice tea and commented to everyone that I wish I had another one. Not even 2 seconds later, our CM sets down a fresh glass of ice tea...I think she must have read my mind! We laughed over was practically magical. Well, we were stuffed after all of that!!! I highly recommend this place!
Sooooo,  we weren't quite ready to go back yet. We wanted to go on a few more attractions. Now what do you do when the park is crowded and you are tired..... People Mover!!
 We hopped in the ever moving line...took a few minutes but we were on the stairless escalator in about 5 minutes. Here we were among huge crowds somehow avoiding was great!
 "Paging Tom Morrow"
 The part where your car suddenly speeds up:
 Watching from above....I love this ride!

 When our trip around Tomorrowland was done, we headed over to Monster Inc laughfloor. There was a bit of a wait here....maybe 10-15 min but I knew the theater could hold lots of people. We made it in and even texted a joke.

Can you believe I had never done this before? For some reason we never had time the last three trips. So I really enjoyed did the girls. After this I think we were all ready to take a break away from the maddening crowds and headed out to the monorail. We cut through the Noodle you do that? Seems much simpler then walking to the hub.
 We thought about taking a boat but didn't....I think one had just left?

 Do you know if they did finish the walkway around the entire 7-Seas Lagoon?? Its so pretty!
 Waiting for the monorail...the girls were playing around!
 Here it comes!!
 So this adorable baby was in our car. She played peek-a-boo with my girls the entire trip...she was so cute and giggly...I asked her parents if I could take her picture...what a fun baby!!!!
We arrived back at the Poly within a few that monorail! The girls all got changed and we relaxed for a few hours.

Sarah and Devon headed out to the hammocks. They chatted about they told me. I loved our Poly room cause it had an actual comfy chair and you could relax without having to lie or sit on a bed. 
And I am going to end our little update there!! 
What happens next? We had evening plans!!! Stay tuned for part 4!!!

Thanks for reading along. This update went quickly with the I am happy to have it here on the blog. Have a super weekend! I will be back with a family update too! 
God Bless,