Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Dreams!

Hello Everyone! We had an interesting week. The children were healthy but now the computer got a virus. The whole thing went a"crash." I lost all of my bookmarks. But I am slowly recovering and so is the computer!

On a lighter note, we have been blessed with some spring weather! You know...coldish (40-50) and some rain and lots of wind but it is officially here finally. I love spring! Its fun to finally get outside for walks and bike riding. We are hoping to get away for part of spring break and spend some family time together. Sarah will be turning 11 soon too. Yikes! The days just speed by so I thought I would try to capture some weekend know the routine things you do but never photograph....bath and bedtime! Oh and a clean room! Amazing stuff I tell ya! ;)

Fresh and clean straight out of the bath:

This is Sarah's very very messy desk! Yikes!

And this is Sarah perched on her bed trying to do her homework! This certainly won't do so her first assignment is to clean up!

This is after!!! Much better!

And finally, getting the girls ready for bed!
Nighty-Night everyone!

Sweet dreams!

I have been sewing up a storm lately so I will be posting some pics of the new stuff soon!!!! Have a great week everyone!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcoming Spring

We are hopping into Spring here! Its almost 62 degrees though this morning it was a brisk 44! Brrrr! But it was a sunny day so I thought I would show you all what we have been up to!

Brooklyn is playing hopscotch and looking at the pretty daffodils with Devon!

The front garden (which clearly needs raking!). Brook wore this dress to a birthday party! Happy Birthday Jules!

The girls decorated for Easter with clings on the mirror and front door!

Dad waters the new grass seed! More signs of Spring!!!

Whilst I sewed and finished up, the girls played! Here is My Little Pony stable and...

...Dolly Day care......

My sewing area is cleared for now...I just finished a few things. I'll post them below. :)

Watching the race!

Playing Nick Jr

Brooklyn called me over to say that she typed her name in all by herself! I looked and sure enough she had!

Time to climb on daddy!

A little bit of Daddy's Surfing!!!

So here's what I have accomplishes sewing wise while the girls were playing. Right now they are drinking ice tea and coloring! So busy!

These outfits are for possibly scoring a ride on Toy Story Mania....providing mama wants to make it to rope drop and race across the park to obtain fast passes or just simply ride it....maybe it won't be so all out popular by Nov 2009???? Perhaps I am dreaming. I also know there is a Buzz and Woody meet across from the ride with a cool cue and photo we are all set. The little girls are wearing the tee and skirts and my almost 11 yr old will be wearing the tee alone. If we see Buzz in Magic Kingdom, we could always throw these one for that too...or to ride Buzz. Who any case they are done.

The front

The back

This is for my almost 11-yr old! She bought a lime green tee to wear with it too! We are hoping to meet Tinkerbell in Toontown.

These are the outfits for the girls for one of our Magic Kingdom Days. I am making tops as shown for all of the adults! Can you see the hidden Mickey in the skirt?

Thanks for looking and reading today! Leave a comment if you can just so I know you are out there!!!! Happy Spring and have a great week!!! :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Other projects going on...

Hello! I am not the only one working on projects around here. Check this out:

My daughter is in 5th grade and loves to read. She enjoyed the series Kingdom Keepers, about being in Disney World after dark. She recently finished another book in a series called Peter and the Starcatchers. It has to do with Peter Pan and Neverland I think. She had to do a school project and so she chose to make a board game up about it. They had to incorporate the book into project. So we went shopping for materials and she picked everything out. I was intending to help her over the weekend but she started painting the main characters on some wooden figures. She did a great job! They looked so cute. Then she planned out the board, painted it and glued the spaces (wooden planks). She wrote game questions (and answers) and typed out the directions. I laminated everything. Then she finished off the game with some accessories and a treasure chest for the pieces. She did the whole thing by herself and just kept showing me what she had accomplished. I was so impressed. Really, the artistic gene skipped right over me. I even emailed the teacher to tell her that I did NOT help her with the project, other than laminating. Here are a few pics of the was a fun experience!

The board all painted!

All finished!! Can you see the die and the painted figures on the board? I should have taken a close up shot.


I also made something! My friend just had her first baby recently! I made a little taggy quilt for her for the car seat or whenever. It is strawberry shortcake with a soft fuzzy blanket backing! Here is my daughter holding it up!

The front and....

the back....

To make this I simply cut 5 1/2 inch squares and sewed them together. I place the grid, right-sides-together with a pink fleece blanket. I added the ribbon "tags". I stitched around the sides, leaving a small opening and doubled stitched over the ribbon tags. I turned it right side out and quilted between the squares and around the outside. It was fun and easy! I hope the baby likes it!!!

I hope this week finds you all thriving and healthy! Spring will be here soon (I hope). I don't know about you but I could really use some sunny warm weather! Thanks for reading along!

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Quick Disney Drive-By!

Hello! I thought I would post some pictures from a recent girls weekend getaway to Disney! If you are a Disney fan, maybe some of these pics will bring back some great memories! My "real" friend from work and I joined some very wonderful "Disboutiquers" for some fun times and great memories. In case you are wondering, I belong to a forum called the Dis which discusses all things Disney. My cyber friends and I met up with each other in Disney. We have been communicating for 2 years and finally decided to make a big meet out of it in Feb. Hence the trip! Sit back and enjoy.

See my very smiley face....this is of course my face on the way to Disney!
A horse at Saratoga Springs just needed a picture by him!

The Lego Store and the new T-Rex restaurant

Enjoying our morning in Downtown Disney.

Goofy's candy shop in Downtown Disney

Outside of Saratoga Springs and the pretty lobby

Chatting after dinner on the Boardwalk and gathering on the bridge for Illuminations!

All the "disboutiquers" and their children! What a great group!

Sunset over Epcot and the official Dismeet at the ESPN Club!

Grass roof in Norway.

Fountains in Germany

Pretty gardens in China

Pretty gardens in Canada!

Can you see Spaceship Earth?

Walking around The World in Epcot

Fountains in France

Arriving at the International Gateway in Epcot.

A pretty sky and palm trees!

Beautiful Feb gardens at the Boardwalk

The Castle at night lit up!

Cinderella's wishing fountain...

Hey. look at that, Minnie sews too! I figure I would help her a little!

A dismeet for the Wishes Fireworks show!

It was crazy crowded for the parade and fireworks! Ahhhhhhhhh!

A gorgeous sunset over the golf course by the Polynesian...taken from the monorail!

Gorgeous waterfalls at the Polynesian!

Arriving at the Poly sends you miles away...I feel like I have arrived in Hawaii!

A quick dismeet during Spectromagic! A dusk on Main Street! It was a beautiful evening!

The castle from the pretty! We stood here at night to watch Wishes Fireworks.

Festive balloons on Main Street! And the Riverboat!

A cool view of the sea serpent beside Tomorrowland!

Splash Mountain is so cool except it was a bit too cool to get drenched today!

Saratoga Springs hot tub in the morning...boy I want to jump in again!!

Yyyyeeessssss! We are finally here!!!

A quick stop to chat with Mickey and Roy!

Can you ever have enough pics of the castle?