Sunday, April 26, 2009

An amazing week.....

A lot of amazing things happened this past week and I don't want to start a new week without at least posting some pics and thoughts.

The big news, besides "winning" a contest this week, is this sewing machine. I borrowed it from the sewing teacher so I can't keep it, but I can use it for a while! Its an amazing machine...I made a bowling shirt and shorts with it. But I am really looking forward to its embroidery potential. I have to read up on how the process works but I will keep you posted. So here she is:

I know I posted a pic of these Epcot outfits before, but here are both of them finished with the matching capris! My older daughter and I are wearing red tee's with the same mickey head with flag fabric on the front!

More sewing: Here are the latest accomplishments. I made two outfits for another Make A Wish family who will be going to Disney soon! The little boy loves Snow White so I made him a bowling shirt and shorts. I ordered this cool picture on fabric from Ebay to sew on the back!

I made his little sister a dress with Snow White and some of the same colors so they will coordinate for pictures.

The little sister is only 2.5 yrs. Won't she just love meeting the princesses!!!!!

I wish them a wonderful trip to Disney and I hope all their wishes come true!!!!


So the end of April brings recital practice to children around the United States! Think of how many recitals there must be in May and June???!!! So here are my girls at their first rehersal practice....only 7 more to go!!!

Funny story....during the practice, someone leaned up against the pull station for the fire alarm. Well, the fire station is just next door but we had to evacuate the building. It was raining, of course, so the girls bundled up in blankets. About five fireman walked over in their gear and I got to wondering if maybe my brother might be one of them. So I made my way through the crowd, and, sure enough, he was. So I snapped a few pics of him rescuing us from certain danger! We were able to reenter just minutes later and resume practice!

Later in the week, the girls had a little slumber party. They slept sideways across the bed and I had to capture them after they fell asleep. It was dark, but the flash makes it seem normal. Aren't sleeping children just adorable?! What blessings they all are!!!

As I have mentioned before, we have had a pretty rainy spring. The other day it kept raining and then got sunny. Around 5:30 it started raining again but it was still sunny. I jumped up and said, I bet there is a rainbow!!! I ran outside to look around and just to my left, there it big as anything...a gorgeous rainbow across the sky! For a while it was a double rainbow. I called everyone out in the rain to take their pic in the rain!

So, that was my amazing week! Besides a full week at work with meetings and teaching about acceleration such. This coming week we are doing more fun physics labs! Our topic is momentum! We get to run crash cars down ramps and find their mass and speed before they hit the wall. Then find the amount of impact. Then add weight and do it again...sounds like fun, huh?! If only I could keep up with the grading! Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday's Outings

Saturday's Outings!

This morning we all awoke to the first warm day in a while! Its been mostly cold, windy and rainy this spring. However we got a break today! It was predicted to be in the 80's today! Yahhhooooo! We cleaned the house and did laundry all morning to get that out of the way...then we had fun!

Daddy is trying to teach Devon to ride her bike without training wheels...perhaps a race may be in the future if she can achieve it! So, here she is with daddy going up and down the sidewalk:

Practicing with daddy!

Good job Devon! Keep going!!!!

This elicited lots of laughs....daddy showing his biking skills!

After bike riding, the girls enjoyed a splash from the they are screaming, as usual!

After a quick break, we decided to head over to the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ. Notice how wide the beach gotta take a hike to get to the water!!!! Can you even see the ocean in this pic????

We arrived on the boardwalk and it was warm and sunny as predicted and crowded for a spring weekend. Apparently it was "biker weekend" or something like that....yikes...! Well, we had fun anyways...we had some pizza for lunch and then walked over to the rides!

Sarah and Devon's first ride of the year! They flew just like birds!

Brook's first ride of the year! She picked the airplanes and co-piloted with her sister!

It liked this view...lots of colors and motion!

Our camera took this one by itself! Here we all are!

Nothing like ending the day with a little bit of sweetness....yummo cotton candy! Don't worry, Sarah and I got vanilla cones with sprinkles! Do you call them jimmies or sprinkles???

So more fun is in store for Sunday! Hopefully I can get another post up about the week...see you then!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Surprise for me!!!!

I am sooo excited! Guess what happened?

I entered into a blog contest by my disboutique friend, Tom. Tom is a TALENTED sewer and a wonderful caring and giving person!!!!! I met Tom and his family this past February in Disney. He has a beautiful daughter and lovely wife which he often writes about and sews things for. Well, long story short, I won the contest!!!! Yaaaaa!!!! I am sooo excited!!!! Tom will be making a dress for my girls! Here is a link to Tom's blog...check it out!

Thank you Tom for such a nice surprise today! I really appreciate it! I am smiley all over!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sewing Update

Hello All!
I thought I would update on my whereabouts! I have been attempting to find time for more sewing!
I am working on the Epcot outfits for all of us. I used "Friends Around the World" fabric and some red and blue dot fabric. I still need to make capris to match but here is the top all done:

As part of the Disboutiquers "Big Give" group, I also finished two outfits for a Make A Wish family who is visiting Disney this month. The girls were so happy when they received their outfits! They are a beautiful family and I wish them a wonderful fun-filled trip.

An outfit for the big sister:

An outfit for the little sister:

It's raining and windy here.... a perfect day to continue sewing! I also have been doing some research on embroidery if you have an opinion on one you have used please let me know why you like yours and what you can do with it! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Quick Trip!

A Quick Trip!

We took a weekend trip to Lancaster PA! We love going out there because it's far enough away that you feel you've "gotten away" from it all and the country side is just beautiful! There are always things to do even though it rains almost everytime we schedule a trip there. This trip was no exception! I guess thats why its so green and fertile there! So we arrived and our room wasnt quite ready. We decided to head to the tourist info place and gather brochures and look around. The girls had their picture in front of the buggy and also by the mural inside. Shortly after arriving the hotel called to say our room was ready.... yeah! We headed back and unpacked and went swimming! Gotta love heated indoor pools!

Here we are in front of our was a nice place but I wouldn't return to it. I must be a creature of habit or something. Anways, the girls were all dressed in their High School Musical attire. I should have probably made custom outfits for the occasion but I was in Walmart and they had such cute dresses so I went ahead and got those instead. Why are we attired so????? Read on......

One of the main reasons for the trip was to go see Disney's High School Musical On Stage
which was part of Sarah's birthday present. It was playing at the Dutch Apple Theater ( in Lancaster and it is a dinner theater. This was a first for us. I have been to a few but we have never gone as a family. I think we all enjoyed ourselves! Here we are arriving at the theater:

Here are the girls in the lobby of the theater. On the wall are all of the cast members of the play! They really looked like their characters! I would definately recommend going if you are in the area!

Here we are at our was a buffet style so soon afterwards we began eating! It was all so yummy! They had a salad bar and lots of main courses and a whole dessert table and make your own sundaes. We enjoyed every bite! There was a very nice grandmom and her son sitting next to us. We chatted some with her and later on, Brooklyn and the little boy danced up a storm...they were so cute!

The stage from our seats! We really enjoyed the play....they couldn't sing quite as well as the "real" Troy and Gabriella, but everyone played their parts and we thoroughly enjoyed the night!

The next day we got up and decided to get ready and go out and about Lancaster! However,
it rained and rained and rained all day! It was raining and 50....what do you do on a rainy day? We tried doing a little sight-seeing and shopping. I trekked to a quilt shop and looked around, drooled a bit...but didn't buy anything. I have to stay focused on my Disney trip creations but they had the most beautiful fabrics....I have fabric issues....anyways...
We decided to take a tour of President James Buchanan's home. It was a great tour...the guides were knowledgeable and took us through each of the rooms...I learned a lot and the girls were all very well-behaved. It took about an hour and when we got back outside we saw that it finally stopped raining. We took a few shots outside from the back of the house on the way to the car. The home and grounds are beautiful!

After lunch and another swim and rest at the hotel, we ventured out again. We finally had a bit of sunshine...but after a storm, do you know what is pushing the clouds away?......for all you meteorologists out there....yes, a cold front....and not an ordinary 5 degrees colder...we are talking it went from 50 to 30 and windy too! Luckily, I brought heavier coats so we layered up and played on this cool playground and fed the ducks by the pond. I noted that the coy were NOT in the pond this time...perhaps they were sunning themselves in Florida??? Where I was wishing I was at this point!

We went to the "Family Bingo Game night" at our usual hotel (it was booked so we couldn't stay there this time) and then headed back to our own hotel for the night. I packed some and we fell asleep.
Although we had planned to go to Sunday brunch (Easter Sunday), it was missed and we just headed home instead.

When we arrived home, we discovered that the Easter Bunny left baskets with chocolate bunnies and some other goodies for the girls! Here they are enjoying their snacks!

So there you go! Our quick little trip to Lancaster! Next up, Sarah's birthday party.....she's turning 11! And more pics of recent sewing projects that were created! Until then...stay safe and think warm, sunny spring thoughts!