Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eggs Eggs Everywhere!

Eggs Eggs Everywhere!

Our first Egg Hunt was a tradition...at our local assisted living facility. I love going there because the place is so cheery and the staff is so nice. Edmund's mom stayed there awhile too. So off the girls went to find eggs! They were divided into three age groups, so Sarah went with her friend, and the two little ones were together. Brooklyn finally graduated out of the littlest group!

After the egg hunt, we came inside for some snacks and a meeting with the Easter Bunny himself! Devon found the golden egg and won a game...which I thought was so cool!

This was the second Easter Egg Hunt of the day! This time we were at a Methodist Church nearby. Again they divided the kids by age groups so the two girls went first. Brooklyn found a winning egg this time! Afterward they kids played games inside the hall and watched a cartoon video about the Easter story. It was a fun day filled with sunshine...a bit cool and breezy....but certainly not unbearable!

There was one more Easter Egg hunt we did at home on Easter Sunday after we returned from our little vacation. It was not an official one since the girls put jelly beans in their plastic eggs they collected and I hid the eggs outside for them (rather than the Easter Bunny doing it). I told them its fun to hid and find the eggs and we were just having fun with it! Plus the winner who finds the golden egg gets to go see the new Hannah Montana movie and can invite two of her favorite sisters along. It was Sarah this time....see it all works out and everyone is a winner!!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone! He is Risen! Rejoice!

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  1. LOL! I love the winning prize for the golden egg at home! I bet Sarah chose to bring Devon and Brooklyn.

    They look really cute!