Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday's Outings

Saturday's Outings!

This morning we all awoke to the first warm day in a while! Its been mostly cold, windy and rainy this spring. However we got a break today! It was predicted to be in the 80's today! Yahhhooooo! We cleaned the house and did laundry all morning to get that out of the way...then we had fun!

Daddy is trying to teach Devon to ride her bike without training wheels...perhaps a race may be in the future if she can achieve it! So, here she is with daddy going up and down the sidewalk:

Practicing with daddy!

Good job Devon! Keep going!!!!

This elicited lots of laughs....daddy showing his biking skills!

After bike riding, the girls enjoyed a splash from the they are screaming, as usual!

After a quick break, we decided to head over to the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ. Notice how wide the beach gotta take a hike to get to the water!!!! Can you even see the ocean in this pic????

We arrived on the boardwalk and it was warm and sunny as predicted and crowded for a spring weekend. Apparently it was "biker weekend" or something like that....yikes...! Well, we had fun anyways...we had some pizza for lunch and then walked over to the rides!

Sarah and Devon's first ride of the year! They flew just like birds!

Brook's first ride of the year! She picked the airplanes and co-piloted with her sister!

It liked this view...lots of colors and motion!

Our camera took this one by itself! Here we all are!

Nothing like ending the day with a little bit of sweetness....yummo cotton candy! Don't worry, Sarah and I got vanilla cones with sprinkles! Do you call them jimmies or sprinkles???

So more fun is in store for Sunday! Hopefully I can get another post up about the week...see you then!

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