Monday, June 28, 2010

Drying up here in the heat!

 Hello Everyone! We are surviving through the about you? Today we were supposed to see Toy Story 3....have you seen it yet? Unfortunately, Devon has a fever so we opted to play inside today until the rain came later to cool things off a bit. 

Poor little Devon...hopefully she will be better tomorrow or its off to the doctor. Brooklyn had a sore throat last week but was fine after a day. Sarah played computer games and I sewed!

My friend Marlo is involved with a rehab center and they are having a fundraiser. I really wanted to make something for it and so I decided on Scientific Seamstress/SisBoom  "Tailored  Tote". So I picked out a pretty quad of fabric in blues and yellows.... Here is everything cut out:

Assembling the inside layer. Standing are the inserts and outer layer.

All done! It was such a fun project!!! I will be filling it with crayons and coloring books and mailing it off for the Center! I hope they like it!!!
The striped outer pockets (see above) are for the crayons. The back is plain (see below).
 Here is a shot of the inside....there is a small pocket and a magnetic clasp! The bag stands by itself and is both light and strong!

OK, going back a little in time, the girls finished school (finally) last week and we celebrated with a cake for dessert~ Yaaaaaaa summer time!!!! We must have really celebrated because it has really heated up since then!


The other "graduation" celebration was a camping trip. Last year was such fun and I really enjoyed hanging out with our friends recently so my awesome hubby found a nice campground that had a trailer (RV) for rent for the weekend. It was hard finding a reasonable place that didn't have a 3 or 4 day minimum but we finally found a great place. We invited Sarah's friend along too!

So the morning of the trip, we packed and loaded the car....I say "we" was my hubby who loaded and I packed! hahahaha! We make a pretty good team! It was going to be a tight fit with all of your stuff and 6 passengers but we made it!!!

Before we left.....Mickey watered the tomato plants one last time....isn't he adorable....he's Fireman Mickey !!!
And we were on our way...10 minutes early believe it or not! Here's everyone in the car. I do have to mention that Brooklyn wasn't her usual worried self and actually relaxed a lot more on this trip compared to last year. I guess she is growing up!
We were pleasantly surprised by the trailer. It had a slide out which really opened up the middle. There was a double bed in front. A couch (futon) and kitchen in the middle.

Then a bathroom and a room with two twin beds.

We were excited to start our weekend in such nice "luxury"! It also had a built in radio and AC!
So we started to unload all of our stuff!
The "big" girls set up their bedroom!

And we set up our and the kitchen. I brought a book to read too....this year it was "Diana" by Sarah Bradford. I hardly ever have a chance to read so I was really looking forward to starting a good book. We headed to the front of the campground to check it out. The little girls went for a short swim.....

And the "big girls" checked out the playground and store/arcade...

After a little down time, we headed back to make and eat dinner! There was candy bar bingo at 7 pm and we didn't want to be late!

I didn't actually bring the camera to the bingo games. We sat out on the picnic tables and had fun playing. We won bags which had candy and stuff fun. Devon was a little upset since she didn't win but we shared the winnings all around! Then we headed back to camp for my favorite part of the day....s'mores!!!!!!

Then we got everyone ready for the time it got dark it was actually quite late.
Edmund, Sarah and Haley played UNO and I read my book! So relaxing!!!!

The next morning we had breakfast and took showers and got ready for a hot humid day outside. Here we are ready to go! We were heading for the Mays Landing town festival.

This stand sold marshmallow shooters! Darn I should have gotten one. Edmund ask to see how they worked and got "shot" with one....we cracked up!
This is such a pretty fountain.

We found an obstacle course and Devon and Brook climbed through it! It was about 10:30 by now and already the humidity was unbearable! We decided to head back the other way and finish up on the other side of the park/street.
The girls picked up all kinds of cool free stuff on the tables!

We stopped to relax for a few minutes and had a snack at this bakery.

We made it to the other end and rested in the shade.......
....while Devon and Brook somehow had the energy to bounce around in the jumpy jump for a good 10 minutes!

After this we got back in the car and headed back to the cool trailer.

We had sandwiches for lunch. But the pool was calling to us and we headed out to swim for the afternoon. Later there were some pool games and all the girls had fun!

Oh yeah...I was on the trip too!

There was supposed to be a hayride but the truck to pull it broke down. Everyone was tired by this point so we headed back to start dinner.

Dinner is served!!!

We hung around until it was time for the root beer float and animal petting zoo.

The girls filled up on a huge cup of vanilla ice cream and root beer! Yummy goodness!
In the game room was a great petting zoo/animal show. I figured they would bring 3 or 4 animals and everyone would pet them and that would be it. Well, she brought at least 30 animals, explaining a little about each one and passed them all around! I was really impressed!

Guess what this is???? A replay of the movie "Ratatouille" know when the Ratatouille Rat is on the chef's head and helps him with the yes, that IS a rat on that boy's head!!!!!
There was Sonic the hedgehog...and there was a chinchilla too!

Then everyone stood up and did the chicken dance with the chicken. Devon got to hold him.
Then we hung out at the playground till dusk!

After a fun-filled day, we walked back to camp!

Our trailer as we walked up to it!

The kids tried playing UNO again and apparently everyone was too tired to carry on long!

The next morning, we were so full we only had a light breakfast. I had eggs and bacon planned but we opted out. Instead we relaxed a bit and then packed up in only 45 minutes! Record time! Then we checked out and loaded up and drove home! It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. I didn't finish my book but I did get a good way through it! I think the girls enjoyed their time together. Sarah's friend is such a sweet girl and nice to bring along and have over! We love her!!!

Edmund would like it to go on record that he was the Early Morning Uno Champion...and Haley was the Late Morning Uno Champion. Obviously we need to do another trip so we can break the tie!!!!


I hope you all have a nice rest of the week. I can't believe its almost the 4th of July! We have a busy week planned. I will be back with updates!!! God Bless!!!!