Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Weekend

Our Weekend was hot and humid! But I will take it over a snow day anytime! How about you?

During the week leading up to our fun weekend, I worked on my quilt when I had a few free moments. At work I prepped for the last remaining weeks of school. Due to said snow days, we have to go 5 days extra! By Friday we were exhausted just cause....  :)

Saturday dawned hot and humid! And we had two events to attend....a Block Party and a Strawberry Festival. At the Block Party we met the Belle and Cinderella....what do you think...clearly the "helper" Belle and Cindy??? NO??? And we saw all of the usual venders...I just followed the crowds down the street and back!


Below is my one of my school friend's businesses. They have the best sea food! 

Look who it is...Elmo!!! He was cute and fuzzy!!

Later in the day we headed into Cape May for the Strawberry Festival. You can't tell from the picture but it was close to 95 degrees and high we waited till closer to the end of the festival to venture out! There were only light crowds and we enjoyed a strawberry smoothie and nice music!

On Sunday, we were finally able to celebrate Brooklyn's 5.5 birthday party. Her actual birthday is January 6th but she decided to wait until her half birthday to have a party. And it was a fun time! We had it at Lime Ricky's and the theme was Mermaid By The Sea. Gosh she was so excited!!!!

I think I showed this to you, but I purchased the cutest necklace on etsy. Brooklyn loved it! She also inherited Sarah's Ariel top....and now it became a dress on! Devon made her a cute matching bracelet and her ensemble was complete!

A sisterly hug!!! So cute!!!

And we were off to the party! Unfortunately as important it was to us, the place where we had the party was not as "into it" as we were. They were understaffed and so we had to wait a bit for everything. Luckily everyone was patient and I think the kids didn't really notice. I was a  bit perturbed since we are pretty good customers there.... but alas, there are worse things in life!!!

Here are the party-goers ready for action!!!!

We had a Skee Ball contest...and believe it or not, the high score was 270!!! I was amazed!!!

Then we headed through Ariel's secret passageway to the beach! First up was Ariel treasure box hunt! In a square area were 12 treasure boxes hidden under lots of sand! Armed with shovels, the girls tried to find at least one box!
Success!!! All the girls found a treasure chest with a number inside. They received a corresponding numbered prize bag filled with goodies! 

Next up was Ariel's Dinglehopper Relay Race. What's this you ask? Well, apparently Ariel needed to move her jewelry from one hiding bucket to another so her father, King Triton, wouldn't find them. So she needed the girl's help. Using a dinglehopper (a fork), the girls picked up a necklace and carried to the other bucket, dropped it in, the brought the fork back for the next helper. We played twice! All the helpers won necklaces and cool bubble wands!!!!

Here's Brooklyn with her prize bag! The girls had some snacks while waiting ....and then ate lots of pizza! They must have been starving cause they ate two whole pies!!!

Sarah and her best friend won lots of tickets...can you tell???

After playing for a little while longer, it was time for cake...well, here's the sad part of the day. I opened the cake box and here's what I found....a mess!!!! It was a gorgeous cake...two tiers with Ariel and all her friends placed around it. It had jewelry and Happy Birthday Brooklyn written across the top! That was in theory. In reality it split and slid all over the place. So what did I do??? Plopped some candles on the top and we all sung Happy Birthday anyways! Brooklyn was a trooper and didn't even seem to mind. Cutting the cake was a challenge and the person who was supposed to be helping me wasn't. (Trying to get drinks for the kids and things cleaned up....ugggg...I won't complain anymore I guess). The cake itself was delish and the kids finished up and spent the rest of their quarters!

At the end, Brooklyn opened some fun and lovely gifts!!! She is enjoying them very much!!! I just want to thank all my friends and the great kids that attended....everyone was so patient and I hope they had a great time!!!

After the party, Sarah went to her friend's house to swim. Devon and Brooklyn had a friend over too. They played Barbies and bubbles!!! A nice ending to a great day!!! Happy Birthday Brooklyn.....we love you!!!

And now for the quilt update! When I left you last, I had just begun assembling the blocks after some rearranging! Here they are all sewn together...

Next up, I had to figure out the border to frame the blocks. Here it is!!!!

 I've also been practicing stippling...which is a random looking way to stitch the quilt together. I used some scraps to practice on....

Finally, I had to make the quilt back. Wow...does that use a lot of fabric. Since fabric is about 43-44" wide, and my quilt was 90" x 110", I had to piece it together. I also added a few elements from the front of the quilt. Here is a pic of me checking to see if I had enough I did finish and will get some pics tomorrow of the completed backing. I am still waiting for my Joann's order which contains the batting and stippling thread and bias tape. I found out after I bought the bias tape that you aren't supposed to use packaged bias tape. Is this true? Any quilters have advice??

And so that ends my quilt update!!! Its coming along!!! I also found some pillow sham patterns. So I will start them soon too!!!

I also should show you the cutest little thing I made....Carla sent some things from Quilt Market along to me and in there was the cutest pattern for baby booties...and a friend I know just had a baby......I couldn't resist so I made a pair for her adorable newborn son, Gabriel! He is just the cutest little one! He has a wonderful big sister too....I slipped in a cool flower barrette for her! She is a Disney lover too so I used Mouse!

And with that, I will close out this update!!! Hope you all have a terrific week! Do you have any summer plans in the works? I 'd love to hear all about it!!! God Bless!!!!


  1. What a fun party! Too bad about the cake!
    Your quilt looks fabulous! I can't wait to see it finished!
    I have never used pre-packaged binding on a quilt, but since you are doing a curvy,scallopped edge, you will need to make sure it is bias cut!

  2. The party sounds so fun! You can still tell the cake was amazing. Your quilt is so pretty! Like your fabric choices! Oh and those baby booties makes me want a baby! Adorable!