Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day! Happy Graduation!!!

A big Happy Father's Day (belated) all of the dad's out there!

The girls made daddy some cards and he laughed and laughed opening them!
And the girls gave daddy a pillow about being a fishing buddy!! He liked it!!

Here's a pic of the front and back. I bought the design from and used Jennifer Paganelli fabrics, of course!

We went out to breakfast too....we only do this occasionally (like once or twice a year at most) so it was a real treat!!! We all had lots of yummy food!

The girls had Belgian Waffles with ice cream! Brooklyn picked cotton candy ice cream and Devon had vanilla. Sarah had chocolate chip pancakes and Daddy and I had eggs and stuff. All good!

I've been meaning to show you this. Edmund found this at a garage sale! It's a Mickey sprayer! Perfect for play and fun...or watering the tomato plants gently!!! LOL!

Its been pretty hot during the day but if you wait until 6 or 7 pm...its so awesome out. We went on our first family bike ride. I haven't had a bike so the girls mostly have been going around the block or I run to catch up. Well, again, my awesome hubby found a bike at a garage sale for $20. Its one of those beach cruisers...a bit worn....but it rides so smoothly and easily!

Heading out!

Stopping at the stop sign!

We made it down to the Bay! The sun was still pretty high...even though it was late...hey, its the longest day of the year!!!

Pretty scene!

The girls went down to get a closer look at the pilings! LOL!

Isn't the beach so relaxing?

This past weekend, besides celebrating Father's Day, we also went to Harbor Fest! It was the same thing...venders and little crafts! We met lots of people we knew....or, Edmund knew! LOL! He knows everyone! We had to get a pic of some Coasties!

As the name implies, the festival was by the harbor!

We walked up and back through the venders....there were lots of pretty jewelry venders. Plus there were things like electricity and energy venders???? There was one selling all kinds of pillowcase dresses....for $30 each! yikes!

Fellow teacher and friend!

We ran across our Disney buddy and former student!

Brooklyn stamping a bookmark craft!

An overview of the kids craft area....lots of different activities!
Devon decided to make a flag...she drew a beach scene!

More friend meetings!
We relaxed for a while on a picnic bench!

A coast guard helicopter went cool!

The other big celebration this past weekend was Sarah's graduation from elementary school....that's right folks...I now have a middle schooler in the house!!! To celebrate, we got a manicure and pedicure together on Thursday! Yippy Skippy! They even did a design on Sarah's nails...

 The school supplies the robes and there were no caps! Yaaa! I got some pics of it the day she brought it home!

Their colors are green and white!

On the big day, the girls were going to wear dresses but opted for the pettiskirts instead...fine with me! 

It's quite a feat to get everyone from school, get them all showered and dressed and ready to go!!! We all also got Sarah a little graduation gift! Here she is opening it!
 She received earrings and a necklace!

We went outside to grab a few shots before heading to school!

Then we were off! I tried to capture some pics in the car as we arrived. Sarah was anxious and excited and happy all at once!!!!

 Walking in...the students were dropped off and the parents parked and went to the field...according to the directions!

There were 291 students graduating and approximately 200 chairs for! Had I known I would have brought my own!

The girls parked it on the ground and I stood in heals for 2 hours...ouch!

The processional!

The graduates and address by the principal!

Sarah shaking hands and receiving her pin!

Walking back to her chair.

I really need a better camera...have I mentioned that before? Here is a distance pic...

 I took Brooklyn to the bathroom and took a pic from the back!
Address by the new principal accepting the graduates. He is actually one of my friend's husbands! He did a great job and kept it short and sweet!
 After the processional, the graduates turned in their gowns and headed out to meet the parents! It was a mob scene....luckily it was 7 pm by this time and much cooler. I should add that after I took a few pics here, I realized I left my camera case on the grass back at our spot. We went back to get it and it was gone. Can you believe it....swipped in 5 minutes. Argggg! We asked around but no luck.

So here is the pretty graduate!! We are soooo proud of her and her accomplishments!

We got lots of pics while the parking lot was emptying out!

 Sarah and her best friend....and a pic of a pic....I took this when the girls were in 2nd grade...

Boy, they grow fast don't they???

 A couple of last group shots.....

And Sarah with her graduation pin!
As we were heading out, the girls found the student teacher from Devon's kindergarten class so we took a quick pic!

Then we were off to dinner. Sarah chose a local restaurant and we enjoyed sitting down in the AC!!!! We took some quick pics as we were leaving!

 I have one last funny story to tell you. See those white wedges that Sarah is wearing? I bought them for myself way back in 2006. Well, Sarah declared that they were the best shoes ever....and as an 8 yr old, I wasn't about to let her have them. Well, each passing year, she asked if she was old enough to wear them. I always said no. So the week of graduation, we were looking for shoes to complete her outfit and I remember the white shoes. I dug them out of my closet and told her she could finally wear them. She was thrilled...and practiced walking in them all week. One thing I noticed though in this pic...she is practically as tall as me!!!


Sewing news.....not too much. I made a few pairs of shorts for Sarah and the pillow shown above. I also quilted some. The end of the school year is fast approaching!!! We are making some summer plans and that's about it!
Wishing everyone a great week and first day of summer!!!!

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  1. Congrats to the beautiful graduate!

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