Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Ruffling Situation

So this morning I finished an outfit but not for who you think. You see my ruffler (which pleats long lines of fabric) had broken in the middle of a project. It is possible to gather fabric by hand but I had close to 23 feet of fabric and there would be no way I would attempt it. So the twirl skirts had to be put on hold temporarily.
I did, however, have a pattern for making doll clothes that was included with my children's patterns. I had been telling my girls I would make their dolls matching outfits so I figured I would try it now. These would not require a ruffler to finish. It turned out to be fun and simple. So now their dollies will match them when I finish their outfits.
I have since bought a new and improved ruffler. They are the funniest looking contraptions but once you master the hang of it...they are invaluable!!!! I can now finish the twirl skirts!
So here is a mini photo session with my daughter's American Girl doll. By the way, I took the pictures in front of our house where the snowy pictures were taken 5 days earlier. If you are really observant, you will notice the daffodils in the background....Spring is on its way!!!!


  1. I love the dolly clothes! They are too cute. Unless I make the doll clothes right when I am making the big girl clothes, I forget! Good for you for getting them out of the way first!

  2. Agreed...I havent made any cause I never allowed myself the time. But she had her doll out and I had the squares already cut so I went actually went together faster than I thought!!! I will probably make more from now on! Thanks for commenting Steph!!!