Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcoming Spring

We are hopping into Spring here! Its almost 62 degrees though this morning it was a brisk 44! Brrrr! But it was a sunny day so I thought I would show you all what we have been up to!

Brooklyn is playing hopscotch and looking at the pretty daffodils with Devon!

The front garden (which clearly needs raking!). Brook wore this dress to a birthday party! Happy Birthday Jules!

The girls decorated for Easter with clings on the mirror and front door!

Dad waters the new grass seed! More signs of Spring!!!

Whilst I sewed and finished up, the girls played! Here is My Little Pony stable and...

...Dolly Day care......

My sewing area is cleared for now...I just finished a few things. I'll post them below. :)

Watching the race!

Playing Nick Jr

Brooklyn called me over to say that she typed her name in all by herself! I looked and sure enough she had!

Time to climb on daddy!

A little bit of Daddy's Surfing!!!

So here's what I have accomplishes sewing wise while the girls were playing. Right now they are drinking ice tea and coloring! So busy!

These outfits are for possibly scoring a ride on Toy Story Mania....providing mama wants to make it to rope drop and race across the park to obtain fast passes or just simply ride it....maybe it won't be so all out popular by Nov 2009???? Perhaps I am dreaming. I also know there is a Buzz and Woody meet across from the ride with a cool cue and photo we are all set. The little girls are wearing the tee and skirts and my almost 11 yr old will be wearing the tee alone. If we see Buzz in Magic Kingdom, we could always throw these one for that too...or to ride Buzz. Who any case they are done.

The front

The back

This is for my almost 11-yr old! She bought a lime green tee to wear with it too! We are hoping to meet Tinkerbell in Toontown.

These are the outfits for the girls for one of our Magic Kingdom Days. I am making tops as shown for all of the adults! Can you see the hidden Mickey in the skirt?

Thanks for looking and reading today! Leave a comment if you can just so I know you are out there!!!! Happy Spring and have a great week!!! :)


  1. I am out here! I took a break from sewing and enjoyed looking through your pictures. I love the new buzz outfits and minnie skirts! Way more fun then a pirate mickey I just finished.

  2. It looks like you guys have been having tons of fun. I love the flowers that popped up for you. Daffodils are on of my favorites.