Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting out and about!!

Can you guess what we went to see????

Give up???

Alice in Wonderland !!!!

Have you seen it yet? Sarah and I set out last weekend with her friend to check out the 3-D Disney version and it was much better than I thought it would be. I don't watch "scary movies" but this one was more weird than scary and I loved the 3-D effect!!! So here we are before our big night out.....

Of course the little girls needed a mommy date too so the next day we went to see Tooth Fairy. Cute movie...don't think I will be buying it on dvd or anything but it fit the bill for us. So here we all are ready to go!

Last weekend also brought temperatures up into the 50's and most of the snow finally melted! We brought out the bikes and oiled them and pumped up the tires for a bike ride! It was still nippy so we wore jackets and gloves....
This was Sarah's first time on her new bike!
Off we go!!! (Brooklyn was napping so we took her out later)

Here's a cable wire down still from the blizzard...
And the last of the snow piles..... bye bye snow!!!!
Everyone had limb piles in front of their homes!
And later in the day...we had another bike ride!
Here's Brookie!

It was so nice to have some fresh air and sunshine!
Later that evening, Sarah made herself a window seat! I caught her writing more poems!
I also started the first of two Easter dresses for Devon and Brooklyn. Found some some adorable designs and I found some fabric in my stash to make a Vida for Brooklyn. Here is Katie working on the lamb....
All done the onto assembling everything.
And here is the finished dress....its pouring and windy today so no outside pics...I did find a handy beach pic for the background! lol!

This is the back...
Parting shots.....

So we are off to the St.Patrick's Day Party at Lime Ricky's! And Pizza Hut for dinner! Anything but sitting around the house! More pictures and sewing to come!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We say Alice in Wonderland too! We thought it was pretty good...I just could not get into those eyes of Johnny Depp! Crazy! We are on spring break...this is week two! I am trying to keep everyone busy. Today we went to the Liberty Science Center. It was great.



    happy st patty's day!

  2. yep...I meant "we saw Alice in Wonderland"!!