Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tailored Tote Anyone???

Carla hit it out of the park again!!! The third installment of her Case Study series yielded a bag like no other. It is fun fun fun to assemble and when you're done, even you will be impressed and amazed at how useful it of's sturdy yet flexible. I just tested the pattern, called Case Study Tailored Totes, and I love it! Don't worry it will be available this coming week!!! whahooo!

I decided to take pics along the way. First I cut out all of the different materials. Carla includes a VERY useful and well thought out cutting diagrams. Awesome!
Then I began assembling the inserts....Carla's sheer genius created a standing insert in minutes! How did she think of this???? Amazing!

And then....there are the pocket options. Truly fabulous! Tons of different ways of putting them on the inside and outside of the bag depending on what you are going to use the bag for. Here are my pockets to be ready for stitching....
All stitched up on the sides of the bag...I have pen and pencil pockets, cell phone pockets, large outer pockets and inner pockets for big and little things alike. Sweet!
By the way, I used my It's a Small World fabric for this. I meant to use it for a skirt but never got to it. This was the perfect opportunity to use it! The white circle was cut out from a size 3T tee shirt from Disney. It has little kids and a 3-D world on it! Cuteness!

Almost done....

Here is the bag assembled! I just had to do one last step....the pad. And look, it stands up by itself!

I was so excited I took it outside and did a mini photoshoot! hahaha! Here is one side...
And the other...see the outer pockets...
They are useful for Disney park maps!!!
Inside there is a magnetic closure and a small pocket...(By the way, don't stray from the directions...I did and placed the pocket too high! darn...remember...follow Carla's instructions!). Anyways, its the perfect pocket for holding Disney Fastpasses! Or tickets!
Below is a larger pocket perfect for holding laminated Disney itineraries and autograph books! Its hard to see, but to the right is a smaller pocket I made custom size for my cell phone! I put a piece of elastic across the top too...just to hold it in place!
Across from those is the other inner side. I have crayon pockets on top...and colored pencil pockets below...even a special pocket for the autograph pens! Then just slip in a coloring book, some bottles of water, a few snacks, a camera (small point and shoot), a poncho and you are set for a day at the Disney Parks including downtime at restaurants!
A few parting shots! Cool handles are the perfect length!
Bird's eye view with the clasp undone!

And you're inspired to make one yourself aren't you? Well, perhaps you would like to win the pattern or even a completed bag by the Scientific Seamstress herself??? Ohhhh now I have your attention! By becoming a fan on facebook and/or sending family and friends, you will be entered in the contest...but hurry! Monday is the last day!!!
Click here to check it out!!!

OK have an awesome week!


  1. The new bag looks great! Excited for this to come out.

  2. Wonderful job, Cathy!!! I just love how you showed off all the great uses for the pocket! I can't wait to see pics of it in action on your next trip!!!

  3. Would you be offended if I said you were a great bag lady? you and Carla have done it again!

  4. Thanks everyone!!!
    LOL Nancy!! ;)