Saturday, December 5, 2009

Story Book Land

Welcome to Story Book Land! After a day or so of rain and wind, we were lucky to be able to head up to SBL on a very nice evening. We only go once a year and the little girls are still young enough to like the place. Sarah went along to enjoy a few rides and Mom was looking forward to all of the lights!!! I love this place because it's small and cute and very organized and clean!

So we arrived at 4:35!

And we met up with my friend Alice and two of her children! We rode the train first! And the lights came on just as we were pulling out of the station!

Next we rode the monster trucks! Brooklyn drove me!

After a potty break, we headed over to the roller coaster. Brooklyn opted out as did dh and myself!!!
Can you see them???
Then we walked thru Alice in Wonderland....see the cute bunnies?

Then we checked out Snow White and the 7 dwarfs!
Then the balloon rides. Brooklyn didn't want to spin but the others just laughed and laughed on this ride!

Then we headed over to the carousel! I opted out...too spinny for me!

Then we checked out the trains inside of this building!

And the Reason for the Season.....Baby Jesus! I quizzed the kids on who everyone was...they all passed!!!!
By now, two hours had passed and we decided to get going before the kids got too overly tired. It was a school night afterall! A few last at the north was really made of ice!
And by the big tree...

And of course Mother Goose!
Then we headed out by the Gingerbread coffee and treat shop!
I just wanted to thank Alice for coming along and bringing yummy pretzels too! It was a fun night and I think the kids enjoyed the fun!

And then we were hit with more wind and rain! Seriously. So today, Saturday, I got up and finished sewing an outfit for tomorrow's Breakfast with Santa. We found out about half way through the day that the Christmas Parade scheduled for the evening is being changed to Sunday. So that left me with cleaning and laundry! Ack!

I got the girls busy with an art project and got started on my chores.....

So check this embarrassing. I went to take the sheets off the girls' bed to wash them and look what a disaster their room is...stuff everywhere!!!!!!

So I took some before and after pics. I organized their shelves and drawers and put everything away. Made the bed with clean sheets and set out their stuff for tomorrow. What a job! Even my hubby helped for a little while. I took out a whole trash bag of stuff! Now its ready for vacuuming and dusting and decorating for Christmas:


And here are their outfits for tomorrow. I made a Precious dress (Carla's pattern) with fabric I bought from a friend (thanks again Shannon!). I added a candy cane that is removable (made of felt) and put a red long sleeve tee underneath. The other outfit is Carla's Peasant top and easy fit pants (you can kinda see them behind the top).'s from last year but I made it big so it still fits. I don't think they wore the top more than a few hours last Christmas!

So there you go!!! I started updating my trip report with day 2. CLICK HERE.
Will post more tomorrow between activities!!! And I have a bunch of cleaning to do and labs to grade. Boy the weekend is going by too fast!!! Be back soon with more updates. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. You all always have so much fun! Did you get snow yesterday? We got a few inches but it is melting already...



  2. No we are too close to the water...we did get a little sleet and that's it! Did your ponies love the snow?