Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa is on his way!!!

Hello! Hope all is well!

I love a Very Hungry know the one by Eric Carl?!! I found a sheet set with images from the book this past summer. I finally made Brook a dress and pant set with it for Christmas. I found the green tee at Walmart! I used Carla's simply sweet and easy fit pants as patterns!

Edmund also came home from a yard sale this summer with the fabric to make the dress below. I only had to supply the skirt fabric and lining. I ordered the strip fabric and I think it matches up quite well! Brook modeled it in her pj's right before bed the other night! She is going to wear it to some Christmas parties next week!!!

Sarah, who has been sick with bronchitus/pneumonia, is finally going back to school tomorrow~~~ she is so thrilled....nothing like a week on the sofa to appreciate school huh?

We are getting set for some crazy weather! I checked for snow pants and boots in case we get more than an inch or two of never know down by the shore!

Packages are arriving and beautiful Christmas cards too! Love all the pics of the families!!! I put them up on our entry way mirror so I can admire them! Thanks everyone!

I am in the midst of sewing easy-fit pants as gifts for everyone. I wish I had a few extra days to sew gifts but I am running out of time!

I did update my trip report is a link...Scroll down to Post #117 thru 119!

Love to hear from everyone! Take care and I will post more soon!!! Hugs and love!!! :)

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  1. I love the hungry caterpillar and snowman dress. So beautiful, you are so creative !!!
    I think you are going to get socked with snow down by the shore, we are hoping we only get between 4-8 inches here in Salem County. Got your shovel ready??!! Winter's here !!!