Friday, December 11, 2009

Breakfast with Santa!!!

We love to support our local fire company and their annual Breakfast with Santa! They go all out with the yummy food and beautiful decorations!

We decided to head over first thing in the morning before the crowd arrived....but we were really the second ones there!!! LOL!

Gotta love the beautiful decorations....especially Santa Mickey!
They also put up this pretty tree....too bad the pics don't do Christmas trees justice!
The girls agreed to a pic together!!!
and with mom....

and dad!
Then Brooklyn went up "on stage" to meet Santa...he was such a calm quiet Santa watching over the goings on! Brooklyn asked for a dolly.

After, Santa's elf offered Brooklyn a choice of presents! She picked the stickers where you could design your own winter scene!

The we settled down to a delicious and filling breakfast of toast, bagels, donuts, hashbrowns, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage and lots of different drinks like oj, lemonade, ice tea, hot tea and coffee. I thought everything was really well done! Thanks to all the volunteers and people who make this possible each year!

Brooklyn didn't get hungry and eat until about an hour after she had her plate of food!!!
Chatting with friends...
They also had facepainting for the kids....

Sarah and her friend, Desiree, decided to visit Santa together!!!

Then we talked with people who came and went for about an hour....

close-up of Sarah's peace sign!
They held a raffle for these huge baskets....they had lots of coupons for free stuff too. Unfortunately I didn't win! But it was for a good cause!
Later in the week, I helped Brooklyn make a school project which was decorating a Christmas Tree....we used fabric, beads, stickers and pictures on it!

It came out looking very busy....

...much like us at this time of the year!

Sorry I don't have any sewing done...I find it hard to sew during the week but I am hoping to get something(s) done this weekend. I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Season! God Bless!

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