Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow!!! and more to come!!!!

I knew it was a cold December...we actually had snow last night and this morning! Yaaa! After breakfast we bundled up and went outside to check it out!
Devon made a mini-snowman!
Brooklyn made a snow angel...
The poor bushes are wilting under the weight of the wet snow...
Brook says the snow is good!
Devon thinks the snow is really really cold!

I love the branches filled with snow!
Laying in the snow is fun!
Putting the finishing touches on Henry the Snowman... hat...
Devon making an can I tell them apart?...they were big pink puffs surrounded by white snow!
Going for a walk...when we rounded the corner we were hit with a blast of arctic wind and promptly turned around to the shelter of our street!
Catching snow on her tongue...
Laying around some more!!!
I cleared the sidewalks and stuff...and then we came in! We made hot chocolate of course!

Sarah played Playstation games....not allowed out yet!

We may get more snow tonight...they keep changing the forecast! We shall see..I just hope we don't lose power....I am not a happy camper without electricity! Here's hoping everyone is safe and warm in their going out in the snow! We are wrapping gifts today! Can't wait! Be back soon!!!


  1. Sooooo fun! I always love seeing pictures of your sweet snowbunnies!

    I LOVE Sarah's purple pants...I want some like that!!!

  2. We are supposed to get something like 10 to 20"??? It is snowing like crazy now....ponies are snug in their stalls with lots of hay. I hope we dont lose power too...that is not fun!

    Hope you all stay warm!


  3. oh no Annie...thats a lot of snow!! Stay warm and safe!!!

  4. I should add that Devon's nose still has red paint from school! She got off the bus with a red nose and reindeer antlers! LOL!