Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!
I hope everyone enjoyed the day!

We woke up around 7 am and apparently Santa came during the night!

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!


Very Happy Girls!! Merry Christmas Sarah, Devon and Brooklyn!

Santa brought Disney sets....4 of them...for the little girls!

..and a cruiser bike for Sarah! Yaaa Santa! Thanks!

While I started breakfast, the girls opened presents from Aunt Dyanne and Uncle Ken!

They LOVED them!!! Thank you so much Dyanne and Ken!
Then we enjoyed a yummy filling breakfast before retuning to gift was hard to drag Devon away!
We watched the show....I should know the name...where the kid gets his tongue stuck to the pole at school on a dare....anyways...we put that on after the Yule Log.....
Sister Love!
Back to the Yule Log.... and more presents!
Football easyfits...yaaaa!
This Glow Station is the coolest thing going...we played later in the day!
I got a pin starter set!
Brookie loves this puzzle about the little geographer! She also got a Color Wonder Magic Light Brush...that was also super fun....they made all sorts of pretty pics with it today!
Calender for work....with Disney pics!!! Perfect for any Disney-phobe!
More sisterly love!!!
OK, so Sarah shocked me by making a dvd in school in which she loaded up pics of herself growing up and set it to music and added text. Well, I started watching it and crying up a storm....seriously if only I could figure out how to save it and upload it here....anyone know?
Look at my little loaf of bread!!!
Metal detecting ear phones....yaaaa!
Aunt Mary stopped in for a little while! She came bearing gifts too! Bike accessories for Sarah, and beautiful music boxes for the girls! Thanks so much Aunt Mary!!!!
Then somehow or another...the open one gift at a time rule was ignored and mass chaos ensued....
Seriously...there was paper and boxes and gifts everywhere...
Pretty music box!
Watch your step!
At 10 am, the Disney parade started! Yaaa, we really enjoyed that...well, at least I know I did!
Did you watch it too?
I am blessed with such beautiful, wonderful children....I love you all very much!!!
Playing games....(this continued all day) was so fun and relaxing!
Sarah and Edmund figuring out her new camera!
Modeling my new lanyard...I think I will wear it at school!
Dinner is ready!
Dig in!
I took Sarah's picture and...
...and she took mine!
After dinner I cleaned up and walked out to the living room to this...poor tired princess had such a busy day!
Thanks for coming along on our Christmas celebration today! I pray for peace, health and happiness for you all!


  1. What a wonderful day you all had. I'm totally jealous of Sarah's cruiser, awesome bike. The girls looked so cute in their PJ's, you must have been sewing up a storm. Happy Holidays to you and yours !!

  2. Looks like you all had a fabulous day! LOVE that bike!

    You have such a beautiful family Cathy...God Bless.


  3. What a sweet chronicle of your day! And that bike is so cool!!!