Sunday, December 13, 2009


Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

It beginning to look a little more like Christmas around the Peckiconis home! Edmund brought in all of the decorations and we started putting everything up! Sorry for the blurry know how my camera hates indoor pics. But I'm posting them

As an aside, poor Sarah developed bronchitus and by Friday, it was developing into pneuomonia. I took her to the doctor on Friday and they prescribed all kinds of fun medications but she has been a trooper and has been taking them and resting!

The other two have a cough and just general how many of you decorate around nebulizers??? I've incorporated the machine into my!
The morning means food and that horrible tasting prednisone! Ack!!!
******************************************************************************** So I took some pics around the house....our angel atop the tree....
Ornaments made by the kids throughout the years!

Cute pic fav!

The angel that is too darn heavy to go on top of the tree....she now sits atop the penny jar instead!
Minnie and Mickey in the girls What Jesus Wants for Christmas...we go through the Nativity scene each year....person by person. What Jesus really wants for Christmas is in the last box....when you open it, there is a mirror!!! Awwwww! In these uncertain times, its even more important then ever to know Jesus!!!
More festive guys...I love these...
The girls made those trees in preschool...brillant...they are different size clay pots stacked upside down, glued and painted...they sponged the ornaments on. Fabulous idea!!!
Devon had to get in the shot! The ice pond was from Edmund's childhood and it still works!!!
Have a rockin Christmas!
Entry table with Nativity and small tree. That small tree was our only tree one year when we were in the midst of moving! Very sentimental!
My friend, Tammy, made these beautiful stockings a few years ago for the girls! She filled them with all kinds of sweet! Sarah's stocking is hanging is directly across the hall from these :)
After a full day of decorating, I went to get my hair done and daddy fed everyone dinner. We had planned to go to the Christmas parade ( in the freezing cold) but by the time it was time to go, Brooklyn was fast asleep! It was way to cold for Sarah to go out and so I stayed home with them and Daddy and Devon went by themselves!! They had fun!!!

Sarah was supposed to be in the parade and throw candy off of our friend's truck (see above and below)...but alas, she couldn't....too sick.
Devon was all bundled up with lots o layers!!! My friend Alice informed me that it was about 68 degrees in Disney about this time of night....geeeeeee....why am I in NJ again????
Randy and Devon...
Daddy and Devon!!!

The finally made it home by 8:15pm or so! We put on The Grinch and I was sewing and a few minutes later this is what I found....poor thing just tuckered herself out! Well it was 9 pm!
This one woke from her nap ready to go!!!!
So we watched the Grinch and sewed and played till 9:30 pm. (Oh see my hair...same color and cut as always but its so nice to have it done!...sorry no make-up on...yikes...ready for bed!) Nighty night!
And that was our Saturday!!!! Today its raining and I have to clean and sew and entertain the kiddos! We were going to go to see the Princess and the Frog but I couldn't leave Sarah behind so I think we will see it later in the week! This is her second day of no fever so she should be ok to return to school Monday. Hopefully we can stay healthy through the holiday! We are in full swing at work....and I was thinking of making ornaments with crystals (borax) with the students....I saw a blog about it...what do you think? Fun? And.... I am so behind on my trip report! It's been a week! But I don't know if I will get to it till later in the week. So sorry for the delay! I gotta get these gifts sewn or else!!! LOL! I will finish it worries!

Have a great week everyone!!! I will leave you with the lyrics to a pretty song.... God Bless!

A Child This Day Is Born

A child this day is born
A child of high renown
Most worthy of a sceptre and a crown

Glad tidings to all men
Glad tidings sing we may
Because the king of kings
Was born on Christmas day

These tidings shepherds heard
Whilst watching o'er their fold;
'Twas by an Angel unto them
That night revealed and told.

Glad tidings to all men
Glad tidings sing we may
Because the king of kings
Was born on Christmas day

Then was there with the Angel
An host incontinent
Of heavenly bright soldiers,
All from the highest sent.

Glad tidings to all men
Glad tidings sing we may
Because the king of kings
Was born on Christmas day

They praised the Lord our God,
And our celestial King;
All glory be in Paradise,
This heavenly host do sing.

Glad tidings to all men
Glad tidings sing we may
Because the king of kings
Was born on Christmas day

All glory be to God,
That sitteth still on high,
With praises and with triumph great,
Andjoyful melody.

Glad tidings to all men
Glad tidings sing we may
Because the king of kings
Was born on Christmas day


  1. The girl in the 1st and second pic looks a lot like a young Abigail Breslin.

  2. Love all the decor pictures! I haven't gotten anything more than the tree up so far this year!

  3. I hope your daughter is better is no fun to be sick at Christmas! All your decorations look beautiful..



  4. i'm humming "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" after seeing your sweet photos!