Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's The Second (and third) Week That Get's Ya!

Hello Everyone!!!
Well, we made it through the first few weeks of school. Some of us better than others! Sarah and Devon LOVE school and Brooklyn....ummm...not so much. She got sent home everyday of the second week. The nurse thought she was sick....but in fact was not...just missing being home. So that made the third week...awful! We had to pull out all the tricks. Stickers, money and bribes were involved!!! LOL!!! Hopefully, it will be easier in the next few weeks. Poor thing...bless her heart.
Devon absolutely loves Kindergarten. She can read the work YES and spell it too! Sarah got switched to the enrichment class and now actually has homework. For the first two or three weeks she had very little to do. She also got picked to be a safety monitor; as students are coming and going into the building she helps....hence the safety patrol belt!

I made Brooklyn a dress to match her backpack!!!

Cute little Devon!

Other things we have been up to this month:
As part of our yearly tradition, we headed to a local restaurant which hosts the Annual Rock Paper Scissors contest. It's a fundraiser for Cape May Stage. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and only a few people came. All three girls entered the Rock Paper Scissors contest. Brooklyn went first and won 2 rounds. Sarah won three rounds and Devon won one. It was a fun night! We even made the local paper!

Attempting to taste mommy's lemon!

Speaking of Disney....well, its always on my mind! LOL! Aunt J. sent a Disney package filled with goodies for the girls! They were absolutely thrilled! They received a pin trading starter kit, an autograph book, Donald lips, a pen, buttons and luggage tags!!!!! They modeled their lovely gifts just before bedtime! We are getting so excited to see everyone! Thank you so much Aunt J!!!!

I took a pic of the mountains of papers and stuff to grade. This was just a few days of work! Ack!
I organized my sewing area before I went back to work. I had scraps galore....and my fabric was in a cabinet and I couldn't see a thing! So, I folded and organized my scraps for appliques into this bin. Now I can see what I have by color.
I got a free used cabinet from our old pre-school teacher (...she's not old...just didn't want to confuse her with the current pre-school Now I could put all my fabric into order and see it. The top shelf is fabric ear-marked for current projects. My JP fabric is on the left!
These are my non-Disney projects. Carla and Jennifer are getting ready to release a new pattern!!!! (See below for a sneak preview!) Can't wait.... I think I may use that blue and brown fabric for it! There will be an adult and a child version!!! yaaa!!!!
The middle shelf with the blue bin is Disney stuff I am desparately trying to finish in the next two weeks. I have tees in the blue bin and fabrics for various things on the right!
The third shelf is fabric that has been used but I have more than a yard left of it. And the bottom shelf holds my Janome books, sheet sets for fabric and a grey bin with my quilting stuff. My poor quilt got put on the back burner when I started sewing for Disney in Feb. After our trip, I will do that first thing! And there you have it! I felt much more organized after that!

I redid Sarah's A-line top for 1900 Park Fare dinner. I made the step-sisters larger and took off the apron. I added the names instead right to the dress. I like it much better. She will probably wear a pink tee underneath.

I made Devon and Brook a flouncy skirt and peasant top for school. I actually have 4 more skirts and another top to make. Ummmmmm.....getting to it....someday!


We have had some gorgeous late summer weather! And some very rainy days too. Here is everyone outside enjoying a bike ride with daddy!

Ready for a little sneak preview????? Devon's top was a special surprise from my friend Carla! It is an up and coming pattern to be released soon! Thank you sooo much Carla! We LOVE IT!!!! The fabric is JP of course....It is amazing! I love the colors together!)


And finally, the last weekend of the month we got to celebrate my little baby...opps I mean my little girls 6th birthday! Happy Birthday Devon!! She requested a girl pirate party months before and that is exactly what she got! I ordered decorations and activities from Birthday Express and Oriental Trading. Great stuff!!!! Sarah had an old costume when she was a pirate and wore it to the least for the first hour. Apparently it was a bit itchy. Here is everyone before we left for the party:

We had the party at a local ice cream place. First the kids colored pirate bandannas and then decorated pirate hats. Then everyone ate hot dogs, chicken fingers and fries! Yummy!
After they finished we went outside for a fun game of mini-golf. We hid gold coins and gave each child a they played, they found the coins and put them in their bags.

Silly glasses during lunch! LOL...that was a hit. They didn't fit in the pinata so I put them on the!

After golf, we tried to break the pinata. Unfortunately it was steel reinforced. No amount of hitting made any difference. So, I had the kids stand on the other side of the railing and I broke it open...yaaaaaa....they filled their bags with lots of chocolate pirate booty!!!
Then we came in for cake and ice cream! I had the cake made at our local grocery store and they were supposed to make it more girly with lots of pink. Didn't happen. Apparently Devon wanted the deck boards to be It was delicious all the same and the kids loved their sundaes too.

We opened presents...some there and some at home and the party was over. What a great was so fun and relaxing! Much better than having it at home I think! (Read...less work for mom!)


This brings me to the end of todays blog post!!!! We have a little more than a month before our Disney trip and I have so much to do still. I am making lists at this point to make sure we get it all done! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Be back next weekend with more updates!!!!


  1. Great update, I always look forward to your fun family photos. Love the pics of all your beautiful fabric, I could look at pictures of fabric all day !!! But the best part of your update is the sneak preview of the new carla pattern. Love it, now I must have it. Hope it's not to long before it's released. Your trip is coming so quickly, have a great time.
    disneymomof1 (on the Dis)

  2. Hi Cathy,
    I hope Brooklyn starts liking school better...I was like that at her age. I just wanted to be home with my mom. She is just adorable as are all of your girls! Devon's party looked really fun-so cute, a girly pirate party!

    I know you must be so excited for your trip!