Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is it the end of summer already????

I am soooo surprised by this!!!!! I was just getting used to the hot lazy summer days! But the other morning I woke up and it was below 60 degrees out!!!! Uggggggg!!!! Oh well, I will stop complaining and just take it a day at a time!
What better way to cheer up than with some chocolate???? Yummy chocolate brownies to be exact! Brooklyn and Devon helped me make some brownies for their big sister's return home! We really missed her while she was away for a week at her dad's!!!

In anticipation for school starting the girls have been really dying to restart dance school. They have been dancing and cheering and doing lots of gymnastics....even doing workouts from Excercise TV!! LOL...here they are doing head stands like Angelina Ballerina did. I read them this story of how Angelina and her friend learn to do head stands last night and the next day they are doing it too!

Need a reason to celebrate???? Here's one: Cape May is 400 years old!!!! We went to see the celebration parade last week. I should say that I attended and shouldn't have...totally too much activity for recovering me. It was so nice to be together as a family doing something though...I sure missed that part. It rained (as usual...we have been getting lots of it lately) the night before and was threatening to rain the whole time but didn't fortunately. The skys were pretty though.

Here we are walking a few blocks to get to breakfast!

After breakfast we still had an hour before the parade so the girls and dad played mini-golf! Fun!

There were a few hole-in-ones!

Across the way was the one-and-only Hotdog Tommy's. A MUST DO if you are ever in Cape May! The owner is such a character and we always enjoy getting yummy hot dogs from him!

We headed over to the arcade while I sat down and rested. Brooklyn sat and sipped on a soda with me!

Finally we headed back to our strategically parked car to watch the parade. It was shorter than I expected but nice...they had lots of bands and a few mummers groups from Philadelphia.

Fun parade!
Did I mention we were getting lots of rain? I captured a torrential downpour while I was taking pics the other day....

Here are more dancing pics....this time it was Bella Dancerella Cheerleader.....that song is so seriously stuck in my brain....much worse than Its a Small World Afterall! It was morning so that's why they are still not dressed!

But we did get a beautiful evening and morning today...it was chilly but clear....reminds me its back-to-school time. Daddy took Brooklyn (the only volunteer) to see the sunset last night and got some great shots. I have more to share with you but for now.....I will stop with this! Have a great day and I will be back soon with Devon and Brook's School Orientation pictures!

Brook makes the best silly faces!!! LOL

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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