Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For the first time since before my preschool years, I am not in school on the first day. I prepped and packed everyone else and got them in their respective car/bus and reentered an empty house. ACK!! I had no idea what to do so I decided I had better blog about it. I have mixed feelings about my girls being in school. I miss them so much already but I am happy for them experiencing all that school brings with it. I am actually pretty happy about their lives and growing up....they make it fun and exciting! I love seeing things through their eyes and I pray that they will never lose their wonderful and sweet personalities. I have high expectations for their lives and pray that they will be successful in whatever they chose to be and do!
We reached the first day of school after a long Labor Day Weekend. We cleaned very little. We talked lots. The girls went with daddy to all sorts of events! They went to the airport for a show and got to try out all of the cool planes and gagets. They participated in a clam shell throwing contest on the beach. They went to the beach. And sadly, their waterpark day got rained out. I heard "I'm bored" a bunch of times and we had some yummy meals including homemade mac and cheese from dad. We packed up their backpacks and filled out lots of school paperwork. And we organized closets and ironed outfits for the week! I took several naps and am generally doing better than before. One slight cold set me back for a few days. But I am hoping to return to work next week!!! Wish me luck!!!
So here are pics of the weekend and the first day of school!!! Hope everyone has a great start and I can't wait to hear all about your day!!!!
Waiting to participate in the clam shell throwing contest....
Clam shell contest

At the airport airshow

I loved this train set up with doll houses...lol...we do stuff like this at home with brio train tracks and polly pockets...lol!

"Lets see what will this button do?"

Does she look like a pilot?

In the hanger, they had all sorts of planes, helicopters and equipment which you could touch and look at.....great for kids of all ages!!!

They flew in all sorts of planes and jets...vintage

This just made me laugh...I love how it captured their personalities!!!

We had a great sunny afternoon and dad took the girls to the Bay beach....he even met up with some friends and chatted while all the kids enjoyed the practically glass-like water....hardly a wave in sight! Dad even brought a picnic lunch and they loved it!

Finally Monday night was upon us. We definately needed manicures so the girls set up a little nail salon in their rooms. I love how they lined up all of the polish and paper towels....lol! It was so much fun and I didnt have to do a thing except snap pics!




We showered and got into jammies and read books and had night night milk.....yes, the little girls still like warm milk before bed. We talked and prayed and tucked everyone in. Of course they had trouble falling asleep with what was in store the next day. Somehow by 9:30 pm they were all asleep.
The next day I got everyone up and they all got ready. Then we took pics outside....Daddy left with the little girls to take them to school. I went with Sarah to her bus stop and off she went! And here I sit. Sigh. Good thing this is temporary.

The little girls must be properly tagged and labeled to avoid getting lost!

Sarah at the bus stop....this is when we realized she left her glasses on her dresser...she had plenty of time to go get them though...and munch on some toast too!

The bus driver (Mrs. McM) is the same one we have had for the last 6 years....I find that so comforting...she is such a sweet heart!!! It's funny cause she saw me pregnant with both girls and now she is bringing them home from school later today...wow time goes so fast!!!

And off she goes!!! Have a great day hunny!!!

So....I think I may go sew and rest for a bit. And catch up on some blog reading. I will be back later in the week with some pre-trip report info. Our trip is coming ever closer!!! OK have a great week everyone!!!

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  1. Your girls are just so cute...I love to visit you and see what you are up to. I love to see their smiling faces! You always seem to be having lots of fun!


    p.s. hope school went well!