Thursday, September 3, 2009

Way back in June, we took two little girls over to register for school. Fresh from their awesome preschool experience at a small private school, they were now ready to attempt "big girl" school, complete with a lunch room and school buses. It seemed like we had soooo much entire summer.... before they had to return for their first official school year.

Fast forward three months and here we are....Brooklyn is ready to go meet her teacher and see the classroom and other students! She picked out a bright red top and a skirt for her Orientation. I love the little bow in her hair!!!

When we arrived she became quite anxious but put on a brave smile!

She was so happy to meet her teacher! She gave her a hug and kiss!

We signed in and got started on the classroom "scavenger hunt". We found everything on the list!

Then we had a little talk and each student was called up to get their folders!

Finally we got to ride the bus for a short ride to get used to the seat belts and how it feels to ride on one! She loved it!

Here's a funny pic of us on the bus!

When we got off the bus the principal was waiting with hugs and smiles!! It was a great orientation and I think Brooklyn is definately more confident having seen everything together with mom. I love that they invite the parents along!

So the next day, Dad got to take Devon to her Orientation! She picked out a blue top and plaid shorts!

I figure each year we can stand by the tomato plants and get back-to-school pictures! Here's the first one!
Talk about excited for school to start! Devon is counting down the days and is REALLY ready to get started. I just hope they keep her busy and she finds some nice friends.

Oh I found one of Devon and I too!

Here she is on the bus going for her ride! Luckily Devon and Brook will get to ride the bus home together...I am assuming they will sit together? I just can't believe my little ones are going to school! Unbelievable!

I wish them all the success and pray that they work hard and learn lots! Have a great year Devon and Brooklyn.....we are so proud of you both!!!


OK to distract me, I need to let you all in on a secret! Are you up for one? So here goes. Our last trip to Disney World in 2007, Brooklyn was too young for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. For those of you who don't know, it's a salon in Disney which has fairy godmothers who transform your child into a princess. They do up their hair and make-up and you can go all out an purchase a princess gown and get a photo shoot and everything. The girls talked of it non-stop and really wanted to go. I told them the next trip we will make an appointment! So 400 days later, it is finally time for me to make said appointment. I got up early and got the phone ready. I wrote down the date and time and package I wanted. At the stroke of 7 am, I dialed in only to find the CM (cast member) saying the computers are down. Please call back later. I called and called and called...all day. I got up the next day...same story. I despaired of getting my 8 am BBB appointment. After 4 days of calling, I was told that there were no appointments available. Not only did I not get the 8 am time I wanted but I got NO time. Ack! I had to tell the girls we didn't get in but would do our own version at the house. They were sad. Sadder than me. They had spent two years looking forward to this. BUT I told them, at least we were still going to Disney World and could meet all the princesses and do all the attractions despite our dissappointment. I did have one CM suggest I email the Disney execs and tell them of my situation. I told her thank you but they aren't going to read my email. She said that they would and that I should write. So I did. I said how much we LOVE Disney and explained the whole situation and how the computers were down and once they were working there were no appointments. Are you still following along? Good! So a few weeks later I am sitting at home and the phone rings. It's a Disney executive on the line!!!!He said he read my email and has an 8 am BBB appointment for all three girls for the morning I wanted if I was still interested. I almost fainted. I was soooooooooooo excited and thankful. I must have really come off as a crazy mom being so thrilled over a simple appointment. But the thing is its not just an appointment. It is the magic and surprise and fantasy of it all. OH and did I mention the SURPRISE???? I didn't tell the girls we got the appointment!!! We'll just show up that morning with dresses hidden beneath the stroller. I cannot wait to see their faces when they realize what's going on!!!!! Another bonus is that we get to get into the park an hour early.

Ok once I realized we were really going to BBB, I wanted to make special dresses for the girls. I have already unveiled Devon's Belle Feliz. She just doesn't know what its for!!! I just love the it is again....lets take a close-up look at Jennifer's fabric I used for the dress... I heart JP fabric!

I am also doing a similiar one for Brooklyn with Cinderella themed fabrics and appliques. The problem was what I was going to do for Sarah. She is 11 and not young enough for a princess costume. I thought of making a special tee and skirt for her. But then I remembered how much she wanted a Giselle dress....from the movie Enchanted. I almost made her the blue curtain dress once but couldn't find the perfect blue fabric. She begged for the wedding dress a year ago...but we didn't find one in her size. So, of course, this would be the perfect (and last probably) opportunity for me to princess her up. So I am going to attempt to come up with a Giselle Wedding Gown. I will keep you posted!
In the meantime......MUMS the word on our secret surprise trip to BBB!!!


There's more exciting news!
I WON! I WON! I WON! I WON! Yippy Skippy! To learn how to make those Feliz dresses, I followed along with the most excellent tutorial by Caroline of Trillium Designs http:// . I then started reading along with her blog. It is full of great sewing tips and she has a great eye for fabrics and design. One day she had an entry about contest to win a gorgeous tote bag in beautiful hues of orange and favorites. So I entered the contest and won the bag! It came the other day and I have to say it is sooo impressive! It has lots of pockets and is so well made. I treasure it!! We have used it for the library, a sleep over, a trip to the boardwalk. It is just the perfect bag. Many many thanks to Caroline for all she does!!!!! Here we are modeling our new favorite tote!!!!

The inside has a zippered pocket and a magnetic clasp. It also has a great tissue holder!

And there you have it! Another update! There is much more to come!!!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!!! Enjoy the nice weather and family and friends!!! See you soon!!! :)


  1. Hi Cathy,

    I wish the girls a great back to school...Brooklyn's teacher looks very nice and so does the principal. What a nice surprise that the Disney exec called you and got you the appt ...dont worry, I wont tell!



  2. hope you show us pictures of the dresses...the Belle on is sweet! When are you going to Disneyland? Have fun, I know you will!

  3. All the pics are wonderful Cathy. Your girls are so cute. I hope you enjoy the bag - sounds like you are well on your way!