Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Fun!!!

We have settled into our fall schedule! But not without some fun thrown in there! We visited the Wildwood boardwalk and our favorite arcade called "Lime Rickies" . A Lime Ricky is actually a "fruity icey" drink. (non-alcoholic). The arcade is great fun...they have skeeball and all kinds of games. But they really make it fun to be playing the games...every hour they do a drawing and we won. What do you win you ask?? Well, you get to put on a lime suit and spin the wheel. win more points~
Then there was an ice cream eating contest.....Sarah is the one with the grey top and black vest on! She didnt win...sorry to say. One kid gulped the whole thing down in one bite!

The girls picked one last ride for the year! (well preDisney anyways)

Then the younger girls wanted ice cream...Sarah opted

Here is Sarah spinning the wheel for lots of can get prizes with the points!

If you recall, Brooklyn was working on earning stickers and money and all for going to pre-school. Part of her earnings were for this trip to the boardwalk and she wanted cotton candy...of course. So here is her hard-earned treat. By the way, she LOVES school now and can't wait to go each day....go figure.

A quick pic on the way to dance class!

Another nice weekend day, the girls went to Cape May Point for the annual Critter Fest. They got to touch creatures of all sorts and then they took a quick walk on the beach!

Smokey the Bear was there since it was Fire Safety Week too! Brooklyn came home from school on Thursday and told me (for hours) all the fire safety things she learned! They even had a visit from real firefighters and their truck and Sparky the firedog!

And finally, some sewing I finally finished. I worked on this for a couple of weeks since I didn't have lots of uninterupted time. The applique designs are by my friend Heather Sue. (her store: They were awesome!!!! I used various fabric from Jennifer Paganelli! LOVE IT! By the way, she is giving sneak peaks of her newest line on her blog...check it out... The pattern is Studio Trantrum Feliz which I also used for Devon's Belle Dress. Both of these plus the dress I "princessafied" for Sarah (Princess Giselle) completes our Super Secret BBB outfits. Did I show you the Giselle dress???? Hmmmm. I may need to sneak a peak in on the next update.

The hearts on the sides say, "A dream is a wish your heart makes.....when you're fast asleep." Catchy huh?!

Brooklyn loves it which is all I care about!

And so we have about three weeks left (till Disney). I am making a set of 7 matching tees for my friend and I and our girls. This time it will have the famous balloons (from the latest What Will You Celebrate campaign) and treats of all sorts....which you can find in the Kingdom!
Did I mention......Three weeks left???.... Next weekend is packing weekend already!!! Gotta get going if I am going to be ready for that! Enjoy your week!!!!


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Your girls are so adorable and I know you all are so exited for your trip! I cant wait to see your photos of Disney. That dress you made is so cute!
    So glad that Brooklyn likes school now. Yes that horse show was at the USET and the man was BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! We see him almost every year...except last year he was not there...campaigning for Obama. His daughter, Jessica, is really good. She was second at the USET this year and won Maclay finals last year. She seems like a very nice girl...very sweet. You should do a road trip up here and bring the girls to watch a show! Would love to see you ...we live about four miles down the road from USET.


  2. Love the Feliz - so twirly - i love that pattern. Have fun at MK :)