Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Weeks!!!!

That's right...two weeks till the Disney Family Reunion!!! We are busy preparing final outfits and packing this weekend! It's a rainy one so hopefully we can accomplish everything I have in mind!

Last weekend we attended Coast Day at the docks of a local seafood restaurant! So fun but crowded!

Sorry for the blurry pic...but look at that huge pumpkin!
Ya I know....the touch tank again....Devon and Brook LOVE it!!!

They had these cool hammerhead shark rubbings....the shark was cut out of fine sandpaper and glued to the board. The kids rubbed crayons and whalaaa....a shark appeared! Cool stuff!

Sarah got to spin the wheel......
and won a free tee!!! Yaaaaa!
A little further down was a man holding a huge turtle!!! I don't know how he managed cause it was so squirmy!

Ahhh the beginnings of a little scientist!!! LOL!
Last update I promised to show you a sneak peak at the secret Giselle wedding dress from the movie Enchanted. Here's my version of has puffy sleeves, a butterfly and pretty ruffles on the skirt. Now the question becomes how am I going to pack this thing??? I was soooo fortunate that a friend lent me the dress....thank you sooo much! I hope Sarah is pleased!

Here is the final set of matching tees for my friend and I and all our kiddos!!! I used an embroidery set I bought from my friend Heather on Etsy! They stitched out great and I made all 7 in just a day or two! I actually combined some images and resized and then added the word "Celebrate" to the top. Disney's theme this year is a Year to Celebrate! How many of you have gotten into the parks for free this year????

If you sew or think you may sew is promoting their website and offering two free downloads! Sweet!!!! Here's the link:

Sorry for the short update! I am actually working on the momma version of Carla and Jennifer's latest pattern.....its soooo pretty! Be back later with more! Have an awesome weekend everyone!!!


  1. Two weeks, WOW, so soon!!!! How in the world are you getting all those outfits to WDW?? Love the dessert tees, so adorable, I have got to get an embroidery machine. Coast Day looks like loads of fun, glad you all had a great time. Have a great trip, fingers crossed for safe travels and sunny, warm weather.

  2. You really do...I think someone on the Dis is trying to sell one...she bought too many. But I would definately recommend the Babylock or the kind I have (Janome)....very user friendly!!!