Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Day and Sun!

Before I begin...I just found out some sad news as I was assembling this blog update. Could you all keep our Wish child, Noah, and his beautiful family in your prayers. Noah went to be with Jesus today after a three year battle with many health concerns....he and his family are such an inspiration of life and love and family. Fly... Noah into the arms of Jesus and be free and whole and healthy, sweet boy!!!
Wow...its been a week or so since I updated! We've been doing all kinds of summer fun know...swimming and going to the beach and boardwalk. A few birthday parties thrown in....such fun!!!
The girls are big enough now to try out this bike pathway....Sarah and I walked and Devon and Brook rode around on their bikes. It was a bit warm and muggy so we stopped after 2 miles....

Sarah wore on of her tees for Disney!

I thought I would show you its not all fun and games!!! I got some pics of the girls doing some chores...setting the table and helping out with dinner.....

Oh and our garden is growing!!! Look at those cucumbers!!!

And some yummy tomatoes!!!

More help....there's the water glasses...

And plates...

And silverware.... is grilling yummy london broil...

And we had some delicious corn and mashed potatoes!!! Dig in everyone!!!

OK the look on Brooklyn's face means only one thing....thunderstorm is on its way! It was rumbling in the distance during dinner. We kept reassuring her it would fine.....

and a few moments she was.....

hahahahahaha !!!!!

And now onto the latest sewing update. My friend Marlo (MINNIE 2) is meeting up with us in Disney. She was talking about different outfits to make and mentioned finding some zebra and cheeta fabric at Walmart. I had given up finding both of those. She offered to get me some and sent it off to me!!! Wha hoooo! Thanks Marlo! So I decided to make a tee and twirl skirt with appliques I had gotten. The appliques are pretty big (5x7) so my idea of doing a stripwork skirt wouldnt exactly work. What I decided to do was double the width of each strip to 8" and then add a layer underneath. The appliques took 5 days to do. Some of the designs take hours and entail 40-45 thread changes and steps!!!! By day 4, I told my hubby that if someone wants me to make these for them, my starting price would be $500. Seriously.
Any takers??? LOL!
Once I was done with the appliques, I put everything together to make the first twirl skirt. I wasn't really using a pattern since its just panels and strips. I did add some Euro ruffles and rick-rac and one hidden mickey button! I put bias tape on the hem of the panels and a zebra ruffle on the bottom of the white underskirt. The waistband is simply elastic gathers. I still need to sew the second skirt for Brooklyn. I am considering doing a sew-along tutorial...I would take pics as I do it and explain what I am doing! I will post it on the blog...probably in a week or two!
Enough are many many Devon's! She didn't want to take this off!!!!

So how many of you know if this is Chip or Dale????? (hint...his nose is red...though it didnt show up red here...on the real thing is looks red)

Minnie has a compass in her hand!

So here is my tee (Daisy Duck) and Sarah's tee (Donald Duck) and Brooklyn's tee (Chip/Dale) and Devon's again. If Edmund joins us for our AK day, I have an AK Goofy for his shirt...hahahaha!

So I know many of you are following along and I know I promised some big announcement. It will be forthcoming!!!! Probably next week!!! So keep reading!!!
P. S.
Did you pick Dale? He has two teeth and a red nose!!!


  1. Still waiting for that big announcement, hopefully it's not starting an applique business, because at $500. a pop you might not get much business.LOL The AK outfit is adorable, very very cute. You are really getting into this new machine, everything you have made is terrific. disneymomof1

  2. I always tell Chip and Dale apart with a tidbit we got at WDW - Chip has a brown nose just like a chocolate chip.

    Love all the items! That embroidery machine is getting a workout!

  3. Love it all!! Your daughter is adorable in the twirlly dress!


  4. That pic of Brooklyn hiding made me laugh out loud.

    That outfit is soooooooo gorgeous!

  5. WHAT????? What kind of surprise was that???? I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chip and dale outfits but really I wanted the surprise!