Monday, July 20, 2009

Friends and Fun!!!

I can't believe we are half way through July already!!! Wow! Hope you have been enjoying your summer and this nice weather!!!
We just got back from a cute magic show in Cape May tonight. The magician was actually the same one who came to the campground when we were camping. Afterwards, we took a stroll down the Cape May was fun and crowded! We even landed ice cream cones which were sooo messy but yummy!
OK who has a picture like this????

Here is Sarah up front at the Magician Show...she really wanted to get picked to help out with some tricks but I think he mostly picked young kiddos....sorry Sarah :( He was really entertaining and explained he didn't do magic but more illusions and slight-of-hand tricks....and it was really kid friendly!
I gave the girls money to throw in the fountain...they just put in these fountains and pretty brick walkways! (Well now its a year old...but it seems new). Edmund and I kept reminicing and saying remember this was here and that was when we were young....yada yada yada.

And look who we found...Hello Kitty and Elmo! Can you believe it?? Me neither! Brooklyn was very happy, Sarah felt too old but with some encouragement she agreed to a pic. Hmmmm...Devon? Well she just hid behind daddy as usual.....hahahahah!

It was a fun night!
So what else have we been up to? Sarah had a friend over and we went to the boardwalk last week! Here we are at Mack's Pizza! It was yummy too!

Dig in everyone!!!

Everyone went on a few rides and we got a family pic too!

Brooklyn just washed her hands and put her wet hands all over my I look like a paper towel??? hehehhe

Awww Sarah and her friend! They are so cute!

Edmund took pics while we were all on the bumper was so much fun!

Then we went to the arcade...and entered the skee ball was really a party in there! We had some dessert and refreshments too!

The girls had a big sleep-over and I snuck in and took a pic while they were playing the next morning...I think they were doing some singing and dancing routine or something...hahaha...gotcha!

A bunch of friends and I got together last week to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog at the library but somehow we mixed up the locations and he was actually at a different branch. Oh well... we will try another time. They did have a book sale instead...and we got a few books, of course. Then the plan was to meet at McDonald's for lunch and go back to my friend's house to swim. She had just had a baby a month or so he is with daddy...they are so precious at this age!

Here we are swimming...

The pool was great!!!

And at McDonald's: There were about 17 or 18 of us!!! It was funny cause we are all on Facebook together and I think we were all teachers/librarians/vice principals etc so I called it a Facebook School Meet! Here is my friend holding my other friend's baby!

Enjoying lunch! We took up the whole corner of Mc D's!

My girls!

My friend and her new daughter who is just adorable!

Hi little sweetie!

I made her some embroidered is the first of five! I really like these! I did find out that I can't hoop anything smaller than 6/9 month size.

Thanks Karen for organizing and hosting a great get-together. It was great seeing everyone and the kids really enjoyed playing and swimming!!! (((hugs)))
Another big project, now that I have gotten down the embroidering thing, was to make tees for our Disney Trip. I am going to Magic Kingdom with the girls and my friend (Hi Leanne!!!) and her girls. Since there will be seven of us, we decided to do group matching shirts. I made the Minnie Tees already...I posted them in an earlier blog. But we are having lunch that day at Crystal Palace. They have the Pooh characters there who walk around to the tables during your meal. We decided to do Pooh character tees! My friend (Hi Heather!) digitizes designs (here is her store.... ) and she made a set of embroidery designs for us to wear. She does an outstanding job of setting up these designs so the embroidery machine can stitch them out for you. Here is my first one in the process of being made...

And here it is all finished. Its a cutie piglet!!!

Last year I had made "Pooh and Friends" dresses for the girls. The top was too small this year so I turned the dresses into skirts and then they can wear the tees with them. Please excuse Devon's less than happy face here. I took her away from playing with friends for a couple of quick pics and she was not happy about her heart!

So over the course of the weekend, I stitched out the rest of the tees. Each design takes about 45 minutes to stitch plus you have to get it stablized, hoop it, cut fabric and change thread so I usually double the time, which makes it about 90 minutes per tee. I would really like the thank Heather again for the fabulous designs and how well they came out!

The girls are really getting excited about our Disney Trip. They keep asking about rides and what we are doing and the house we are staying at, and who will be there. It's actually going to be a family/friend reunion trip! I love to plan and make lists and organize things so pretty soon I will be including that kind of info here on the blog. I will also do a trip report after we get you can see what actually happened...hahaha...the plan always gets "updated" during the trip! OK so have a great back later!!! :)
I would love to hear from any of you who have gone to Disney what your favorite memory is (or one of your favorites... I am sure you have many!) or your favorite meal/restaurant or your favorite attraction/park and why! Thanks for reading and posting if you can!!!


  1. My favorite Disney memory is meeting YOU! at the flag in the MK and enjoying the parade and Wishes!

    It was really alot of fun to meet you IRL and I would love to be able to meet again with your whole family along.

  2. One of my favorite memories is meeting you too!

    Also, going to Crystal Palace. That was the one character meal we did every year when the kids were young and they always loved it. Plus it is nice and cool and you can sit down and the food is good. You are lucky to get to go, all in your matching shirts (I am jealous!).

  3. Awwww Jess and Steph,,,you are so sweet! That was fun to meet IRL! I am really looking forward to the girls seeing what we experienced. Steph I am hoping to plan another flag pole Dis Meet when we come!

  4. Hi Cathy,

    Love those tees! I can see that you are amazing on that new machine of yours...!
    We have been to Disney a few times..fav memory for me probably is the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse!