Friday, July 10, 2009

An excellent day today....Friday July 10, 2009

One of our very own disboutiquers, Tiffany or T as we like to call her, had a sweet little baby girl today! I saw a pic of her and she is so adorable....oh little babies are the best! Congratulations to T and her hubby Brandon and to big brother Gavin and big sister, Lili! Much happiness!
So while T was laboring away, I have to say, my kiddos and I were at the beach! (Oh the guilt!) It was a gorgeous day...about 72, breezy and mostly clear... a few clouds...but a perfect beach day. The tide was in so the kids played right at the shoreline and had a blast! And I was able to catch up a little with my friend. :)
When we returned home, I finished up the last tee for our Magic Kingdom Day #1. I realized that the girls never actually tried their skirt and tees on yet. Whoops! So they did and I captured a few shots. I have to say that normally by this time in July, we haven't had any rain for weeks and all the grass is dried and shriveled up....but this year our lawn is looking mighty fine still. A big thanks to my awesome hubby who takes good care of the outside stuff! Anyways, here's what we have....

The girl's tees have yellow and red ribbon and the adults have black and red!

Gotta have some twirling going on.....

Thats all for today....stay tuned for more!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. I may just have to copy you! Those are darling!!!

  2. Cathy those are so cute! And so are your models...
    I hope you all have a great you have lots of fun things planned?


  3. Amber, please copy away!!!

    Annie, fun summery stuff this week!!! Pools, library with Clifford, and the boardwalk and rides and a sleepover!!! Fun week! Today was clean and sew day...hehehehe