Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunny Days!

Ahhhh the joys of summer.....keeping busy all day doing fun things and crashing hard....at night.... isn't this a cute shot....look at all of them....

Why are they so tired??? Well sum it up to say...pool time! Today we visited with my best friend and her sister at their pool. Oh it was so relaxing and fun! The kids played and splashed and ate snacks and ice pops! I got to visit with my friend and we talked all about Disney, of course. We picked out characters for our tees for Disney. It was sunny and clear, low humidity...and we had just an overall great time! Thanks Le for having us!!!

So did you see this awesome video from utube??? I just love the family dancing and singing and enjoying each other and Disney... it makes me cry everytime I see it. Here is a pic of the girls watching the video... and a link to the video for you to see http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=128903000630&h=Z65ka&u=elAUc&ref=nf

So this past weekend I went to see my friend Carla and we went shopping...of course. I bought some embroidery stuff for my machine. I was having issues with thread breakage and bobbin thread showing thru the top. I didn't want to start all my Disney appliques without addressing this first. The Janome dealer really helped me figure out the problem and with all the changes I made....my machine works great now. YIPPY!!! I was able to applique Belle onto this Provincial Belle apron dress. I had the dress part done but not the applique. Then I added a sweet eyelet underskirt to finish it off. I am hoping Brooklyn can wear this to Story Time With Belle near the castle on our second MK day.

The pattern was Carla's Precious Dress. I made a top underneath and a dress overtop with the same pattern.

Sorry these pics arent the best...it was night time and our camera doesn't do nighttime pics....don't worry...hopefully we will be getting a new digital soonerish!!!!
Here is Brook's Big Twirl....

The back has a sweet bow....

OK that was PLENTY of pics of that...hehehehe

So I captured a pic of Brooklyn getting the mail while riding bikes...

Oh and I made this cute little memo board for holding cards or pics or memorabilia. I made it with left-over Jennifer Paganelli fabrics! I mixed lines here but really her fabrics look great together no matter what....I just love all of her stuff....did I mention that before?? I heart JP fabric!!!!

Here's the back...

and with some cards...

OK so that's it for now! We are off to get some KFC! Bad I know....but I don't make fried chicken so thats our only option. Have a great week! Thanks so much for reading along!
(Just to add a little mystery...I have some news coming up soon that I will be able to share with you all.....hehehehehe....no hints either.)

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  1. Oh I want to know your news! It looks like you all are having such a fun summer...when kids crash like that you know they had fun!!
    When is your trip to Disney? I love the memory board in JP fabric...beautiful!