Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Been Busy!

Hello Again! It's been a great week so far! The weather continues to amaze me! Just gorgeous! And we have been able to really get out and enjoy some things this week! Let's see I last time I wrote, we were going to the pool. It was such fun and the kids swam and swam. We had lunch and they swam some more!

We also attended Kid's Day at the Physick Estate and I took lots of pictures of all the fun activities that were set up! Here is the actual house and grounds. Really pretty too...great for a photo session...which I did ask about too...hehehe...always got to mix in a little business.

The first thing the girls wanted to do was Aunt Emily's Drawer (dress up tent)..... look at these beautiful little ladies!

Then they wanted to get their faces painted...

Next up was the touch tank...this kept Devon occupied for at least 20 minutes...she started answering questions by the you know what the orange "dot" is for on the top of a star fish??? Well, read to the end of the blog and I will tell you..... :)


Sea Urchin

Sarah read some of the stories of rescues on the backboard....

Brooklyn wondered away and look who she became...

This lovely Victorian lady showed off the old toys of the day....many are still around!

Brooklyn and Sarah tried to swing the ball up and into the cup...they were successful too!

I love this picture.... this trolley tour guide was awaiting his guests and Brooklyn joined him on the bench. He agreed to have his picture "immortalized" forever.....hahahaha


Well, Devon was still by the touch tank so Sarah and Brooklyn went over to make a bonnet! This is a cute project. You cut a paper plate center with an "x" shape...fold the triangles back. Staple lace and flowers and decorations on it. Add ties! How's that for a tutorial????

Yes, back to the touch

Finally I got the girls over to the other side where there were more amusments.....bubbles and little carnival throwing games. Plus pony rides!!!! you recognise this pony??? It's Tonka!

And Tony the Pony! Remember them from the birthday party? Yes well we only have this one place that does pony rides and they do quite a booming business.

The girls found another touch tank with this huge conch!

And another starfish!

The canine unit arrived and Brooklyn found this nice bloodhound to pet...he was off duty!

Did she knock em all down?


One last dress up outfit ...

And we were done for the day!!!!


Earlier in the week (after our pool day but before the Kids Day) we met daddy for lunch then visited the zoo and park. They put in rides and I promised the girls we would go on them so we did! They built this cute ticket booth...

And they have a real little electric train....all shiny and new! We got to sit in the coal car! It has a recorded whistle that sounds like a real train!

Look we all fit!!!

It was a fun little five minute ride through the woods on a path...we choo chooed and waved!

Then we got in line for the carrousel!

Sarah got on the tall giraffe (which unfortunately did not go up and down...grrr) I gotta remember to check that kinda stuff!

Brooklyn on a zebra...

and Devon too!

Round and round they went to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon! I know cause I hummed it for the next half hour!!! We then stopped by the cool gift shop...outside was this bear...say grrrrowlll!

Hey! its Devon Giraffe and....

her sister, Brooklyn Giraffe. I so wanted to get these cute masks! I felt like we were in Disney for a sec wondering throught the gift shops....oh how I long for that! Do you browse too????

The we were off to the playground again...swings...

and tubes and slides!

And shortly thereafter we returned home! With the kids worn out, I commensed sewing! I finished up the coordinating dress for you may recall, I made Devon the Dalmation dress (she wore it to the Kid's Day event) and this was Brooklyn's request... a Dumbo dress. You already saw pics of it but here were a few close-ups!

I learned how to combine font letter files on the embroidery machine to make whole words! This is the cool Disney font I purchased! I ended up hand piecing was easy enough!

Always gotta fit in some twirls...

The baton is the newest thing...they are trying to learn to twirl it! They have this video which teaches cheering and baton twirling... its cute!

So there you go...a busy week! I am really getting going on my Disney sewing! I am making Minnie Tees for our Tuesday at Magic Kingdom....if you are going with gotta get your tee....please see me for sizes and I will whip one up for you!
Oh and before I forget....the orange dot on the starfish is a water intake valve...they take in the water and use the water inside their body to move around. Did you know that??
Coming Up - Whale of a Day and other fun things I am sure!


  1. Very cool! I love the way Brooklyn's little tongue pokes out when she is concentrating, I did the same thing when I was a kid. Great job on the customs too!

  2. I love following along on your blog! It is like I am enjoying the fun with you!