Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Very Special Gift!

Do you remember a few weeks back ....

when I mentioned winning Tom's (Heavenleigh Blessings) blog contest? Well, today the girls received the most amazing surprise in a box! Inside was the much anticipated prize! Tom made not one but TWO gorgeous "Precious dresses" for Devon and Brooklyn! They are just beautiful and have so many details and special touches. I am so touched and appreciative of Tom's generousity and amazing talent. Thank you so much Tom and Angie and Leighanna for your wonderful gift!!!!!

Here are some pics of the event as it "unfolded"...pun intended!

Thank you for looking and thanks again everyone for reading along! Enjoy the weekend...tomorrow is Mom's Big Day!


  1. You're so welcome Cathy! The look on the girls' faces has put a permanent smile on MY face all day! Angie had tears in her eyes when she saw how happy the girls were as they were unfolding and twirling in them!

  2. lucky girls..looks like Carlas testers know how to have fun!!! Cathy just a big thank you for your contribution to our tunic launch hope you'll join us again!! It is such a privledge to get to know you all...xox jennifer