Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Few Outings

A Beachy outing...

We had a beautiful weekend and couldn't resist taking the girls down to the bay (...where the watermelons grow, back to my home....) oh sorry...side-tracked for a sec...check out how much fun they had. There were hardly any waves and the water was shallow but they took their boggy boards out and swam and screamed and laughed and played for hours. In fact I have had to take them back a couple of times since....I think this summer will be a beachy summer for us!

We love the beach!!!!

All cleaned up and reading books in bed!

This was most definately a very sandy outing....the girls had nice warm showers and jumped into their jammies when they got home!


Dressing Up and Out!

Not a traditional outing but more of a "dress-up outing", the girls playing fabric store or dentist. Can't remember which. Don't you love it?

Opps, gotta tilt your head counterclockwise for this one! Who wears this shopping?? Tell me??? ;)

And of course, it was pajama day at school! The girls got to roll out of bed and put them on!

Please note that Brooklyn brought her "monster" and Devon brought "cowy". Such original names but they are the girls favorite stuffed animals!

That night they wore tee shirts and shorts to bed. I told them they wore their pj's to school and their clothes to bed!!! They laughed and laughed!!!


A sports fan outing!

Just this past weekend, the Phillies World Series Trophy came to a local town and so we packed up our Phillies gear and headed over to see it! Did you know two guys travel around with it everywhere....24/7....its their job to protect and oversee it. Interesting huh?

So here we all are...

Our friends met up with us there too! Here they are with their cute daughter!

We got a shot of the girls together....someday they will appreciate this!

Afterwards they got their faces painted with a "P" and had hot dogs and soda!

What a fun sporty outing!!!

A Historical Outing....

A few weekends ago, my husband and the girls went to see the dedication of the World War II tower in Cape May Point. They had recently refurbished it and now people can go to the top and look out. Funny story. My husband got tickets ahead of time for the event. When he arrived with the girls, the lady taking the tickets asked if he was here with his family because he was in WWII????? hahahahaha....uh no I look like I'm 80???? The war was over in 1945!

A new bench in at the base of the tower...

Walking up the step to the top of the tower!

Looking out at the Delaware Bay/Atlantic can see the cement ship!

Another view from the top of the tower...

Seats during the ceremony

Another fun day!!!


  1. Wow Cathy! You do a lot of fun things!
    Your girls are just so cute! Leighanna would love a sleep over with them! She loves to dress up and play store and read in bed! I've see her wear her jammies all day too, and put on shorts and a tshirt for bed. Too funny! .

  2. Oh she is more than welcome to sleep over...seriously...where do you live again? I know my girls would just love love to play with Leighanna too! My biggest regret is not having them with me that weekend at Disney when everyone's cute kiddos were playing together!