Friday, May 22, 2009

The quintessential spring event, at least in this household of girls, is the culminating event of many weeks and hours of hard work: The Dance Recital!!! This year Devon and Brook participated in two dances..."Mickey Mouse March" for their combo class and "I Wanna Be a Puppy Dog" (permanently emblazoned in my brain by the way) for their acrobatic class. Sarah had taken this year off from dance to concentrate on horseback riding, yearbook and Girls on the Run. She plans to return next year....yaaaaa! So many of her friends dance at our new dance place that she kinda missed it this year. So, next years pics will include her too!

These pictures are a combination of dress rehearsal and the actual recital night. I found it so ironic that they got to dress as Minnie Mouse...I am soooo taking these costumes to Disney!!!

So here they are getting dressed and lining up and on stage...sorry my camera is terrible in the dark at far distances....we really need a nice camera...but oh is what I have.....

Finally dressed and ready for our first dance!

Of course, they loved the make-up and curls. Note to moms who need their daughter's pin-straight hair curly = Soak sections of dry hair with hairspray and roll up in foamy roller. Leave up for several hours and unroll 10 minutes before going on stage! It worked!!!!

Lining up before going back-stage...don't you love all of the dots!!!!

There they are right in the middle, tapping their hearts out!!

Yes I was really there! Sorry I look a wreck...

We had about 20 minutes before their next number, so we changed into....

See their paws, puppy ears and cute bustle??? They loved these costumes!!!

Walking to line-up....see their tails???? Awwwwww

Such hams.....

All of the girls and my bestest friend from high school (and now!)....she is a blog reader too!!! Wave HI!!!

We went out for a yummy pizza dinner after dress rehearsal was over:

The night of the actual recital, daddy and Sarah surprised the girls with bouquets of flowers which are still beautifully brightening up my kitchen table!!!

Parting shot....

Look you survived the whole thing....good job!

Well, they had a great time and talk about it everyday! The costumes have been added to their enlargening "dress up" collection. I really like that they take dance helps with coordination and rhythm and fitness and being in a class-like setting...but they would say they take dance......"'cause its fun!!" I would like to thank the wonderful, patient, inspiring and tireless ladies that teach at their dance school!!!! Awesome job everyone!!!


  1. STINKIN' CUTE! Looks like they had a great time, too!

  2. Awww! They look adorable! The puppy outfit is my favorite. Those bustles and tails are perfect!