Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 1!

The girls and I made it through the first week! I am sitting here Thursday tired but happy! We're all adjusting to the new situations we find ourselves in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new classes this year so far....don't want to jinx it by celebrating just yet....but so far so good.

Devon came off of the bus the first day and said she didn't like school? Why, I ask. She says she didn't get enough homework!!! hahahaha!! But she did say she loves her teacher and friends!!! Sarah is really enjoying the "freedom" of middle school. She loves going to her locker and switching classes. She likes all of her teachers so far. Brooklyn's response to the first few days of school were that she was in school a long time. Poor naps anymore. But she loves her new teacher as well!

Hope all is going well in your households....and I can feel fall is just around the corner. Today was just gorgeous! Happy  Weekend! I will leave you all with promised pictures of the week!

Morning pictures at 6:55 am: (can you see Brooklyn is a little nervous?)

Devon getting off of the bus in the afternoon:

Next, was Sarah. Her bus stop is two blocks from home. The bus then proceeds to drive in front of my house and stop at the next corner in our block. ???????? I asked Sarah to ask her bus driver if she could just get off at that stop..which was our block, rather than having to walk home two blocks...which isn't a big deal unless its raining. Bus driver said NO. ????????? Go figure.

And finally, Brooklyn gets off of her bus. She loved it!!!

So that's a total of three different bus stops, three different times during the course of an hour! Fun fun!

By day two..... this is Brooklyn after being home for 20 minutes.....

And here is Devon this morning...ready to rock out first grade!!!!

Next starts and then there are four back-to-school nights!!!! I am tired thinking about it! LOL!

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  1. Sweet thing asleep on the sofa! School is tiring isn't it? We are getting into the swing of things here too...I should post some pics.