Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School

I think I may still be in a bit of denial about it but here I sit on the eve of everyone's return to school! Myself included! I hope we are all ready! We have our folders and back packs ready....check.  Lunch money...check. Clothes and shoes....check. Name tags for the littles....check! Haircuts...check. And awful terrible back-to-school shots...and flu shots.....check.  So hopefully we can all wake up tomorrow and be out the door by 7 am. Goodness that's early...and dark still.

After Hurricane Earl came by ( 100 miles out to sea), the weather has been incredible!

So, we decided to enjoy our last day of summer at the waterpark. We arrived early and it was actually a bit chilly but soon enough the warm sun rose a little higher! The girls really enjoyed all of the slides! Brooklyn amazed me by going on several huge slides with Sarah and a group slide with all of us!

 Here is Sarah coming out of the blue-green tube on the left.

Devon and Sarah under the bucket of water!

Sarah and Brooklyn coming down the pink slide!

Soon enough it was time for lunch so we walked down the boardwalk to get pizza and ice cream.

See how Devon and Brook's ice cream cup is near the edge of the bench??? I told them to move it away from the edge and hold tight to it. You can only guess what happened not five minutes after this pic. Yep....landed upside down on the ground. Such a sad lesson. Luckily the girls cheered up as we walked back and they got some more swim time before we headed home. 
Happy Labor Day indeed!!!

So in preparation for back to school, we went school shopping for some clothes. And shoe shopping for some shoes. And supply shopping for some school supplies. And we topped it off with haircuts for all! Here is Sarah after her summer highlights magically disappeared! After haircuts, of course, the little girls played haircut with their dolls for several! You should hear them talk to their doll clients. Cracks me up!

We also had a busy week last week. I had three days of in-service which is always such fun! The girls also liked it since their friends, Kaylie and Aubry, came over to babysit! Sarah is only 12 and I don't think she is quite old enough to babysit for such a long time. They had a blast playing dress up and fashion show!!! Thanks girls for helping me out!!! Here are some end-of-day pics....

What a cute group of girls. Oh and I forgot. Brooklyn had kindergarten orientation last week as well! The parent(s) attend and meet the teacher, other kids and have a short meeting too. Brooklyn was very excited to go and not very nervous this year at all. She was a nervous wreck last year. What a difference a year makes!! Since we arrived early, we took some pics and Brooklyn got to hold the name sign so parents lined up in the correct spot.

Meeting her new teacher! She is so sweet and I hope they have a great year!

Her new desk.....and some shots around the classroom!

While the parents were at a meeting, the kids stayed behind in the room and sang some songs and danced a bit!

One final good-bye till school really starts!


Let's see what else we have been up to??? 

A water fight with sprinklers and water bottles....
Movie night with popcorn and candy treats!

Playground fun with friends....

Our neighbors came down and we all went out to dinner at the Ravioli House. It was delish and there was a bakery too. I came home with leftovers and cannoli's!!!  The next day the girls played tag and water gun fights and whiffle ball and all sorts of fun games outside with Mario! Edmund took the girls and neighbors over to the airport too. (I stayed home to sew in peace and quiet!!! yaaa!!!) At the airport there is a small children's museum with equipment, airplanes, helicopters, jeeps and things like that for the kids to play on. They had fun checking everything out!


Sewing Update
I did the top of Devon's I Spy quilt...her accent color is blue. I still have two more to make like this and then the backing, quilting and binding of all 4. I am hoping to get them all done for Christmas!!! Devon picked out all of her squares:

And I also began the first of many tees for a friend who is going to Disney World in Dec. 
Here is Buzz!

And the big project is getting things together for Brooklyn's costume for Halloween. While we don't celebrate Halloween, we do love to dress-up! Devon has a store-bought Jasmine costume and Brooklyn is wearing mommy-made cowgirl costume! I ordered her hat and boots from Ebay...

I also ordered a bunch of cowgirl fabric from Etsy so I could make a  Scientific Seamstress patchwork skirt and festive vest. I also ordered an applique from Swak for her tee. Here's what I have so far....

I still have to make the vest. I did make her hair bow though. I made a pink pony out of polymer clay and attached it to a bunch of curled ribbon. Sorry the lighting was bad for these pics.

The colors are pink, purple, red and brown! Quite a collection! Once everything is done I will have Brooklyn try it all on together and see if I can get some better pics! Also, Devon needs to try her's on too! I bought Devon a Jasmine necklace too! It's a surprise! So, we love dress up around here!!! I am hoping this outfit will be wearable for Disney one day!

And that wraps up our summer!!! Hope you all had a nice Labor Day! Be back soon with more school pics!


  1. What a busy end to the summer. Looks like fun. I have been wanting to check out the Ravioli House, but have yet to get there. Have a great first day back to school to the family !! Lisa Buzby Holmes

  2. You all had such a fun summer! I hope you have a great back to school....