Sunday, September 12, 2010

A camping we will go......

We went camping again!!! We had a coupon from our last camping trip and decided to try Jellystone in NJ (if you recall we went to Jellystone in Quaryville PA in August). This time we had a beautiful cabin in a prime location and gorgeous weather to boot!!! I packed late Thursday and we set off as soon as everyone came home from school on Friday!

We arrived about 5:30 and "moved in". No sooner did we unpack than Yogi Bear himself arrived to welcome the new campers!!!! He even brought a bowl of special treats! Thanks Yogi!

So here is a tour of our cabin! It had a living room with fireplace, flatscreen tv and futon sofa. It had a "dining room" with a table and chairs. And queen bed. It had a full kitchen and bath. Up the ladder was just enough room for two mattresses and children!

Meanwhile, Edmund prepared a yummy dinner on the grill and we enjoyed eating outside! The girls played on the adjacent playground and made fast friends with some other kids!

We came inside to relax and watch some tv. I started a book I brought until it was time for s'mores! We walked up to the camp office and they had a nice fire going. They had a flashlight scavenger hunt going too but the girls opted out.
 Later the girls got in their jammies and we all tried to sleep. That didn't happen. Anyone else have trouble sleeping in a strange bed in a new location??? The girls were up and down and up and down and talking. By 2 am, and a few bathroom trips, they all finally fell asleep. My allergies were so bad at this point that I took some benadryl too. I think I finally fell asleep after that.

The next day dawned fast!!! But it was such a bright morning, we had to get up and enjoy it! I made breakfast after a quick shower and the girls went across to the playground for a while.
 At 9 am, we headed up to the office for the flag raising and Yogi Bear Says! I should say that the little friends that Devon and Brook made, joined us again. I am not sure if they "live" at the campground or just visit every weekend or what. But I do know they were allowed to roam without their dad. The little boy was adorable and about 4 years old and the sister was about 5 or 6 years old. They "adopted" our family and hung out with us all morning!

Waiting for Yogi Bear to arrive....
Flagraising and Pledge of Alliegence
Playing Yogi Says!
And here was my little buddy! Boy, did I want to cut his hair!!! LOL!
After a little free time, it was time for a train ride with Yogi around the campground. We waited at the "train station"....
What a fun ride! Then the kids played on the playground for a while! Next up was a the craft table! Sarah opted out and Edmund and I relaxed and read a book! It was a great day!
After all of this activity, the kids were hungry for lunch! We made sandwiches and brought them over to Yogi's Lodge. It was a character lunch!!!
Then it was back to playing! Edmund took the little girls fishing while Sarah and I had some time alone! She is such a sweetie! We talked about school and stuff. Then everyone came back and played until bingo at 4:30!! I stayed behind and everyone else played Candybar Bingo.....unfortunately they didn't win candy bars but Brooklyn did win a stick horse...perfect for her Cowgirl!

Around the time we were cooking and eating dinner, we noticed a bunch of golf carts gathering by the lodge and they were facing each other. We wondered what was going on. When we headed over there, we realized they were having match box car races. And not just any races...the winner won $80!!!!! Here's the race ramp...
We did have another purpose for venturing was make your own sundae night!!! YUMMO! Here's Brooklyn finishing up her's!

Silly face girl!!! We hung out for a while watching tv and I had to take a picture of Devon and Brooklyn's feet...they were filthy!!!! But we weren't done for the day yet! 

We still had a Glow Stick Parade. Too funny....Brooklyn kept calling it a Glue Stick Parade....hahahaha! We headed back up to the office at 8 pm and we met our little friends again who were dropped off by their dad, who then proceeded to leave. It was 8:15 pm by this time. I was irate. Who leaves their kids unsupervised all day and night??? (and shoeless besides!!!!???) I guess the campground is considered safe and so were we. Whatever...I tried not to get too upset about it. Here are some glow stick kiddos waiting to start!!! And this time it was Yogi's friend Boo Boo Bear who participated!!!!

 And finally the dad came back (after 20 min) and went along with the parade...thank goodness. (Can you tell I was upset??? Am I justified to be or is this standard practice at a campground????)

And off everyone went!!! Boo Boo sat in the golf cart and the kids ran behind until we reached the playing field! There was a movie and snack stand even! The kids got some popcorn and the dad took the two kids home.
Sorry it was dark out and my camera isn't good in the dark....

You can't see it but they were playing a movie (Night at the Museum) in the distance. Families were gathered on blankets. It was an absolutely gorgeous night after a beautiful 70 clear day! The stars were out and we really enjoyed walking around! But, it was getting late....9 pm....and we still had baths to do so we headed "home" to the cabin for just that. After such a busy day of play, I hoped sleep wouldn't be as allusive.

Needless to say, everyone slept soundly only to wake up to the sound of rain, rain, rain. We went to have breakfast at the Lodge (yaaaa no dishes or clean up for me!!!) and then we dodged raindrops back to our cabin to pack up and check out. What a great family weekend!!! We headed home and watched the traffic back up in the opposite direction as we past by. I hope everyone made it home safely!!! 

So its back to work tomorrow! Have a great week everyone!!!!!


  1. OMG! A bonafide mullet! Poor little guy for the unfortunate haircut and ditching Dad. Looks like y'all had a BLAST though! Does a flat screen TV really constitute "camping"? LOL! Jellystone looks fantastic and I'm so glad you got some good quality family time!! AND character time too! :)

  2. What a fun weekend Cathy! I too would be upset if a dad dropped his very young kids off and let them roam free. They were lucky to have adopted your family. Yikes! I would have wanted to cut that kids hair too!

  3. That poor kid has a serious mullet! I would be very upset too seeing a parent leave their children like that....they are way too young!

    Looks like lots of fun at Jellystone!



  4. Fun, fun, fun. Beautiful pictures.