Saturday, September 25, 2010

 Hello Everyone!!!

You are never going to guess what this is in Edmund's hand....... I'll give you three guesses!
First Clue....five
Second Clue....screaming
Third fast to the hospital

 Did you figure it out??? Poor Edmund had yet another kidney stone...ouch...apparently it's labor for men. I drove the poor guy up to hospital as fast as I could to obtain drugs for excruciating pain! This is about the 5th time this has happened and its been about 2 years since the last one. He drinks lots of water and watches what he eats but to no avail....apparently there isn't too much you can do to alleviate the problem. Fortunately he was fine later in the day, though tired. So that was Monday morning! I attended Brooklyn's Back-To-School night alone that night while Edmund recovered. What a day!
Tuesday was school and dance class day with another back-to-school night thrown in for good measure!!!

The timing is such that Sarah and Devon get home in time to change for dance and prepare water and snacks. I do their hair. Then I go get Brook off the bus and we rush in to help her get ready. We are out the door about 10 minutes after that! 

Brooklyn and Devon are taking two combo classes each which cover acro, ballet, tap and jazz. Sarah is taking two classes... jazz and tap. She stays between her classes and has dinner and does homework. Poor girl doesn't get home till close to 8:30 pm. I bring the two littles home at 6:30 and my friend Tammy brings home Sarah and her daughter. ( I take them usually). Gotta love carpooling and schedule making! But they really love it and it is only one night!

 On this particular night, I picked the girls up a little early and we grabbed drive thru McDonald's so we could make it in time for Devon's back to school night. She loves her's her first official year of teaching though she did teach half of last year as well. She is super excited and had all kinds of goodies laid out on Devon's desk for me. She even had cookies! Devon made a cute paper clip too!
 Here is a look around the room!

 Here is Devon's All About Me Poster!!!!
 While I was in the classroom for the presentation, the girls were in the cafeteria eating dinner (on the run) and coloring and hanging out for the 30 minutes! They had just come from dance class obviously! It was a busy day but I loved meeting her teacher.

 I hope both girls really enjoy school this year....if these first two weeks are any indication, I am sure they will! Sarah is also loving middle school though she does get lots of homework I am afraid. I pray for each of them and for their school and teachers. Have a wonderful year!!!!

 On the sewing front, I finished Brooklyn's Cowgirl outfit for halloween. We actually don't celebrate halloween but we do love to dress up and the candy, of course, so we celebrate fall's arrival instead!! I made a Scientific Seamstress Festive Vest and Patchwork Twirl skirt. I had to add a row to the skirt and its super full and twirly. I used an applique from swak to do the tee.  I ordered her hat and boots from ebay and I made her little bow with a polymer pony! She will also have a stick horse and goody bag and maybe a scarf for her neck.
 That reminds me of another tradition. We are going to rent a hayride/pumpkin patch wagon at Rea's farm so if you are local, let me know if you want to go!!!! It will be one weekend day at the end of Oct I imagine...details to follow!
We have also been going to yard sales and look what I came home with last weekend. Its a dress form and it was only $7!!!! I've always wanted one and hopefully "Rosalie" (I named her) can help model some of my things I make.

  Devon, however, in true Project Runway form, decided she needed to dress Rosalie up. She made lots of different outfits for her!!!!

 To add to the crazy week,  Brooklyn developed croup and was still recovering over the took her like 5 or 6 days to get back to normal. I brought her to the doctor right away but besides some prednisone, there wasn't much to do for her. Poor girl. She napped every day. I can say she eventually made a full recovery! I noticed a lot of students out sick at school too...guess its that time of year.

So, Edmund and I were invited to a surprise 50th birthday party and Aunt Mary agreed to come watch the girls for us. They all had a great time together. They played and had dinner and made brownies and went for a walk too! Thanks so much Aunt Mary!!! We had a fun night out too!

 More sewing news.....I finished three tees for my friend's son....they are going to Disney in Dec. I am making a few more sets for them too so I will keep you posted as I finish them.

One of the things that the girls have been doing (in school) is working on doing kind caring things for here is Devon working on a pretty card for her sisters!  Isn't that so sweet? She gave everyone a card one morning that she made...awwwwww!

As the month draws to a close, we have a very special celebration coming up ......Devon's 7th Birthday! To begin the weekend, all of us were invited to dinner at Paul's house (a friend  I work with) on Friday. We brought a cake from the Ravioli House Bakery to begin the festivities with. It has been so hot this week (high 80's and lots of humidity) so the girls got to go swimming too. It will probably be the last time as cooler weather is expected. Then Paul made a yummy dinner for all of us!!! It was so fun to relax and visit! Thanks for having us over Paul!!!!!

Today, the  girls helped me get ready for Devon's birthday party. Her theme is "tie-dyed"...and so I figured we had better include some tie dyed shirts too! Instead of the traditional method, we decided to use Sharpie markers and rubbing alcohol. You make little dots of ink on the shirt and squirt OH on it. The OH dissolves the ink and spreads it out, giving it a tie dye effect. Here are the girls working on the shirts. They will be perfect for sleep shirts or something.

 Shirts drying!
 Next, the girls helped make "goodie" bags for the guests. They put stickers and names on them and we filled them with favors and treats!
 Our last task, was filling the pinata with candy and toys! I got the kind with the strings/ribbons that you pull....hopefully it will work!
 All finished!
 After the girls left, I wrapped this huge present for Devon....I wonder what is in there???????    Any guesses?
So her party is tomorrow. She wanted a "gymnastics" party and its about an hour and a half of structured gymnastics with an instructor! I went to a party there last year and was really impressed. Hope all goes well with it! The most shocking thing of all is the fact that Devon is going to be 7 years old. That's boggling my mind actually. 

So that's it for now! Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. I have to say I love that cowgirl outfit, it is so pretty. Again, you guys have been busy. It has been crazy, I only have one kid and we run every night of the week, my hat is off to you with three girls.
    Lisa Holmes

  2. So many things to keep you busy! And you managed to fit sewing into the mix! Great job on the outfit. And on keeping everyone on track. Hope the weekend brings you some relaxation time.

  3. Happy Birthday Devon! She is such a gorgeous girl!

    I love your dress form...I really want one too and always have my eye out for one. I would be so thrilled if I found one for $7!!