Monday, February 8, 2010

Blizzard Feb 5-6th 2010

Well it was one exciting weekend I tell you! Above is what we awoke to! Mid-storm wind and snow left in its wake....about 23 inches by the time it was over.
Snow banking up against the back slider and deck
And then around 1 pm Sat afternoon it happened...the dreaded power loss. As temps in the house dropped and the light of the day faded....we bundled up under any and every blanket and comforter I could find! OH and I forgot to mention that Devon came home from school not feeling well Friday. By that evening the poor dear was really sick...wretching every 20 minutes until 3 am.
Sunday morning was bright and sunny and cold!!! Temps in the house dropped to around 50 degrees and Devon still wasn't well. She was able to keep an ice cube down and she ate a cracker or two but continued to be sick. We all sat around the family room on Sunday and formulated "Plan B". My plan of course was to take the next flight to Disney. Well that was impractical. So, we made a few calls and found out there was electricity at my mother-in-laws house. Praise the Lord! That was my main concern. So Edmund and his wonderful and helpful friend, Randy, dug us out. I cleaned as much of the house as I could sans electricity. Then I packed for a few days for everyone. Edmund took the camera outside and took a few pics of the house and neighborhood.

Adequately traumatized, I really felt like we were being rescued from our house. It was like an icebox in there. We left water running so the pipes wouldn't freeze. And prayed for the best. I hope I am not being overly dramatic when I say I have a sense of knowing what it must feel like for the coast guard to arrive and pull you off of your sinking ship. So we made the short trip over terrible roads to Grandma's house! The going was slow!!! The roads were ice and packed snow. When we arrived we "unpacked" our suitcases and some food and gladly entered a nice "warm" was up to 58 when we got there. I forgot to mention, Edmund and Randy went over in the first trip and plowed out the driveway and turned on the heat. Thank the Lord for electricity and power and heat. I took some pics from inside of the white landscape around us. Here is the old milk barn in the back...

And the girls finally in a safe warm house. Had it just been adults, we could probably have toughed it out. But with little kids and one not feeling well, I felt such pressure to right the wrongs of the situation. I also was able to get on the computer and check with my friends. Needless to say school was closed for Monday.

This is a terrible pic of me. We hadnt showered since Friday so that was top of the order right after dinner. I made chicken and rice!
Here's our car at the end of the driveway. Across the way there is a hill from a bridge and lots of people were out sledding. I couldnt believe it. Here I am trying to survive and they were out there having a great time sledding.
By Monday morning, our electricity was restored to our house. I was surprised since there were live lines down all over. They must have worked through the night to get it up and running again. My husband checked on the house and believe it or not, had to go into work. He did manage to get home early and we cleaned up and repacked. I can't say enough thank yous to being able to stay in a warm house and have food and shelter available.
The kids as we were loading up the car. By Monday Devon was all better. What a trouper. So we headed home over half thawed roads. Very bumpy!!!!
And here we sit in our house. I am doing laundry and dishes and blogging!!! Why trying to fit all this in so soon??? I can't believe I am saying this but another storm is on its way tomorrow. It could bring another 1 to 2 feet of snow. I seriously hope it bypasses us. It could be we mostly get rain here in the south. If we lose power will have to come get me in a padded van with white straight jacket. Ugggg. I am so concerned. Please pray for us!!!


On a brighter note, there is a new Carla pattern on its should be released in the next day or two. I am super extra excited about this one. Believe it or not, Carla and Jennifer named it the Cathy Top and Dress, after me. I am so honored and humbled. These two ladies are so talented and creative and just to be working with them is an honor. I can't say thank you enough!!! Here is a quick photoshoot with Brooklyn wearing my test top of the Cathy Dress!!! I used Jennifer's beautiful blue Matt's Tux. Here she is with her Ground Hog Day hat. I think the ground hog locally said an early spring but I doubt it with all this terrible snow!!!

I also finished up a tee for Sarah to wear for Valentine's Day. I made one for myself too.

The most ironic thing about all of this is that, it is highly doubtful that we will have school at all this week. The Valentine's dance (for Sarah) and parties for the girls are likely canceled if so. Oh well, we will just wear them next week then!

For all of my sewing buddies and facebook friends....we have a new Scientific Seamstress Fan Page!!!! It will provide a forum to talk about the patterns, ask questions, see sneak peaks of up and coming patterns, share pictures of creations and get ideas for new outfits! Here is a link to get there!!!! Please come and "friend" us and pass it on!!!!

Click Here for Fan Page

So that is our weekend! I hope for the best. And will keep you all posted!!! Providing we continue with power, I will keep sewing while I can! Love ya!!!!


  1. I just can't get over all that snow. Wow. Wow. You are not being dramatic. People get dramatic here in Charlotte over our 1-2 INCHES. We have no idea what to do with ourselves. That was quite a storm! I really hope the next storm bypasses ya'll. Very cute dress BTW! :) Hugs and WARM weather wishes --Amber

  2. Cathy...I was thinking of you last weekend! We did not get nearly as much snow...about 4 inches. We will see what this next one brings. The kids are already planning on having a snow day tomorrow! I feel for you with the power loss-it is just too cold for that.

    stay safe and warm,


    cute dress!!

  3. Looking forward to the new pattern, so wonderful to be named after you. I am so sorry you lost power, over here in Salem County I was so afraid we would lose power, but thankfully we did not, not sure about the next storm heading to us tonight. All I know is I am so tired of shoveling and looking at snow. I can't remember such a snow filled winter. Be careful out there !!!

  4. wow!!! we are in the midst of a snowstorm here too.....i'm fine as long as we don't lose sorry you did! despite all the sickness, power loss and snow you sure made some fun memories!! :)

  5. Goodness what an ordeal! Glad you are safe. Love the new dress! I know my daughter will love it too!