Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kid's Can! Reading and Runny Noses!

Hello! Make it through the week ok??? We are hanging in there too! I had lots of things planned for the weekend! I am still working on them! I really need an extra day to accomplish my To Do list. Ever had one of those days? But in the grand scheme of things I am really just happy that everyone is healthy! Aside from Brooklyn's runny nose of course. It just seems this has been a really tough winter for so many people. Prayers going out to all of my prayer families!!!

So I have continued working with Devon and her site words. She picked up a book the other day and actually started reading it. I sat and helped her with a few words but it is still so AMAZING and THRILLING to me when your child reads her/his first books sends chills through me. Devon is my third and its no less exciting this time around!!! Here she is reading One Fish Two Fish!

Another item on the agenda this weekend was to attend the Kid's Can Expo in Cape May. Its a great fund raiser and all the high school kids help out with the animals and crafts. They also had a few dance troups come in for entertainment.
As you can see it was very well attended!
I especially like this Irish Dance Troupe...the little girls are just adorable! They are all different ages! Sorry for the dark flash dies out from far away!
They wore beautiful dresses!
Love the train set up! I spy Thomas the Train!
Humungous Turtle...and little friend!
Students passing out Peacock Feathers. I thought this was so funny because my friend Carla just blogged about them!
The girls made peanut butter and seed pine cones for the birdies! Great fun but very messy!
Rolling it in seeds...
Applying peanut butter!
Next activity was making necklaces with colored macaroni...
Stringing...this took a good 10 minutes. Edmund and I just visited with people we was a big social gathering!
Devon's completed necklace!
Brooklyn's completed necklace and red raw nose....poor dear! I 've been putting Vitamin E oil and some lotion. The lotion tends to sting though. I am moving onto diaper rash stuff next.


We strolled around to find some friendly critters to touch and hold! The camera battery died out when Brooklyn was having her turn...darn.

A friendly aguanna on a leash!
Making musical eggs!
The Gibson family...waiting for face painting!!
So after a bit more we decided to head out. I had tons of papers to grade and sewing to do and dinner to make. Luckily Sarah offered to help. We were making lasagna! I know Nancy would not approve of our lack of aprons...Sarah did manage to find one in the closet. I really need to get organized and make a few with Jennifer's gorgeous fabrics!

Putting on the top layer of cheesey goodness! Don't you just love lasagna?

As promised, I put Brooklyn in her Cat in the Hat. I realized I made it a tad too big. I was thinking of adding some elastic under the bodice where the first row of red strips begins. But for now this is it! If we ever get to Universal Studios, this is going with us!

Brooklyn was brave and joined me outside for a few minutes while it was hitting our high of 50 degrees F....and I snapped a few quick pics!
The front...

The back...
And its time to race back inside!!!
Sitting with a book!
Devon taught Brook the first few pages of the!
Sarah writing Nick Jonas name in highlighter! Who knows why? Boredom has begun to set in!
The never ending runny nose...poor girl went through an entire box of tissues this week.
Playing Barbies...
Brooklyn's barbies were getting ready to drive to school!
Box o' Barbies!!!
Later Sarah was modeling the macaroni necklace...I think we are all terribly bored by this point with the winter! My friend enrolled her sons in swim lessons...darn that was a great idea. I really wish we had a kid's gym nearby. I wanted to show you what I am up to in the sewing room! I volunteered to help sew some things for the Spring Musical at school....and the head seamstress handed me ten purple skirts to make! The fabric was already cut for me and all I have to do is stitch them up! I made two yesterday and will continue this week on them!
They were a simple round a poodle skirt! (minus the poodle!)
I also am working on testing out a new pattern! Here is a sneak peak!!! I just love Jennifer's fabric! It has such a nice texture and weight and finish! Not to mention the awesome design and rich colors! This is going to be a top for someone special!

My little sewing corner. Works good enough for me! I have everything handy I need!
My other machine serves the important purpose of being the ruffler machine! I can't tell you how much time this saves! I keep it all set for whenever I need to gather and ruffle!
Just outside my sewing room windows is....still a white blanket of snow.... but it is slowly melting! Yaaaa!
Look you can actually see a patch of grass in the next door neighbors yard!!

I keep telling myself a few more weeks till Spring! Till then I am trying to keep busy and not let the cabin fever take over! I hope all is well with you too! Have a great week! Prayers for all those who need them!

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  1. We have cabin fever too! But we are starting to see grass here also...and it is very exciting! One more week of Feb. and once it is March it is almost over right??

    Love the Cat in the Hat dress!!
    So cute!
    Have a great week,