Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can you blog and watch American Idol and the Olympics at the same time???

So lately the girls "play" whatever is going on on TV....so during the 10 minutes of American Idol they watched before bed, they were singing and dancing. Then if you turn on the Olympics, they do Pair Skating and the Luge runs as seen below. It is both funny and distracting simultaneously!
During dress ups this past week, they became Minnie Mice! They also played every conceivable game we had in stock in the house. It was a long week I tell ya!!!
Since my friend was trying to get to Disney this day, the girls wrote a little get-away well wishes for them. Flights were cancelled and my friend and her husband ended up having to drive 16 hours straight.....uggg.
Love the yellow shoes Brook!
I made sure everyone who was able got out for a little fresh air each day. The stomach flu made it way through the household...so I wanted the well ones to get outside and get some exercise!!!

My poor hubby had to shovel and shovel. We had a second storm which dumped another 5-6 inches. Then a dusting today. Ok I am really sick of seeing white. And the temps for the next 10 days are not reaching higher than 38 -39 degrees so it will be here awhile.

This is me getting the mail. Standing on the hill the top of the mailbox is knee-high...hahahaha!!
Making snow angels!

Early Valentine's morning, the girls started their cake. We picked chocolate butter cake and vanilla icing. Mixing and mixing! I helped put it in the pan and the oven!

Here is the most creative thing and the girls thought it up on their own. They made a "quilt" of valentine wishes with paper....isn't it amazing??? I hung it up on the door! I just LOVED this!!!
Later in the day they frosted and decorated the cake!
Finished cake and it was yummy too!
Sarah's Valentine present was....a manicure and pedicure!
Devon got Princess and the Frog book!
Brooklyn got Olivia and Ariel books! Oh and she really wanted Peeps too!
All dressed for school in their Valentines Finery... I didn't make Devon's outfit...store-bought!

Happy Valentine's Week everyone!!!!

Enjoy the Olympics...we are watching skating right now! So fun! I did finish Brook's Cat in the Hat...haven't taken pics yet. I am currently working on the next pattern to be released soon!!!!!! We have really enjoyed the Facebook Fan Page. If you haven't dropped in to say HI, please come on by!!!!


  1. Love your girls valentine outfits! Especially, of course, the Sisboom one! I know you may be tired of snow but your neighborhood looks beautiful to me! Of course I don't like the cold, so I would not like it for long either. I am ready for spring and summer!

  2. The girls look so cute in their Valentine's outfits!

    I know what you mean about being sick of white...I am with you on that. Time for spring!