Monday, January 18, 2010

A Long Weekend!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! We are just trying to survive the winter....personally not my favorite. I do notice the days getting longer already and I have heard reports of crocuses sprouting. I checked my garden and nothing was going on there. So..we'll have to sit back and wait for some sign of life. So for this blog, I am just going to share some random pics taken through the weekend. We just hung around the house actually....nothing real exciting.

My little girls are really growing up!!! I noticed Devon and Brooklyn were practicing their letters and numbers frequently! I made up some flashcards of Devon's sight words for Kindergarten and she has been working on them. She practices with Brooklyn Brooklyn knows them too! hahahaha!

Here she is working on her numbers!!!

So I started a new project myself. I decided to break out the Vida pattern I bought and try it. I heard it's not all that hard and when my friend, Heather, showed us her adorable applique designs, that sealed the deal. So, I started Saturday afternoon as soon as I finished cleaning the house!!! So here is a pic of the beginning!
The girls played Candy Land and practiced writing this day too!
Here is their school set-up! This was one of Brook's birthday presents. I love how they have the schedule and rules posted exactly like at school!
On the other side, they put books and artwork in the pockets!! Cracks me up! I didn't show you the dolls all lined up in chairs. I love to hear them play school...they repeat any and all things they hear and do at school and pass it onto their dolls.
Later in the weekend, the girls were playing Hair Cut. IRL part of getting a haircut involves sitting in the chair on a booster cushion. So you can imagine how funny I thought this was. They put dolly on a lunch box to boost her up for her hair appointment! Hilarious....well, to me it was anyway. :)

On Sunday, Aunt Mary came over for a little visit! The girls showed her around and they ended up playing the States game again. They love to play games!!!

It's hard to tell but it was pouring out and later that night we actually had a thunder/lightening storm. In January. Weird I tell ya.
Is this not hilarious too? Edmund had found a bow tie while he was metal detecting and Aunt Mary had dropped off some things, including this lace. Well the girls put 2 and 2 together and the next thing I see, they are getting married!

Dessert! Yummy pineapple that daddy brought from the store this morning!

And so that concludes my random pics from the weekend.

Ongoing throughout the three days was this project...So lets see how far I got...

This is the front panel:
This is the beginning of the back panel. Love these candies!
And by Monday late afternoon I finished the appliques and started adding the fabric. I picked Jennifer Paganelli fabric of course cause its so pretty and they coordinate so well!
Here is the back so far...
And I added Brook and Devon's name...I think they are going to share the dress???

And there you go. The weekend is now just about over. And we are all settled in watching Little People Big World and the new ICarly! Bedtime is fast approaching!

Hopefully I will finish this dress next weekend. And about my trip report. It's in cue. Right ahead of that quilt. Ack!

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  1. We had a 4 day weekend! We were a little bored by the end I tell ya... I am so glad the temps are a little warmer now...and all the snow has melted. It makes it a little easier to get through January. Your girls look so sweet working on their letters and numbers. So so cute they are!


    p.s. my kids loved that states game...we have the same one