Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I thought this picture was appropiate considering the weather conditions we are enduring here in NJ!!! In case you're not's COLD AND WINDY here!!! Ack!!! But, we are trying to ignore all that and focus on happy things such as.........

Today is Brooklyn's 5th birthday!!!!! Yaaaaa!!! She is so excited to be 5 and has been talking about it for the last few months! In honor of the occasion we decided to make a birthday banner that my friend Jennifer Paganelli shared with us...
Just as an you see my poor babies have chapped hands, lips and noses and cheeks! I have been battling it with tubes of chapstick, Vit E Oil, and lotion. So anyway, I cut out the circles and the girls glued them down on construction paper. I cut the construction paper out with zig-zag scissors. Then we cut a long piece of ribbon and arranged the letters. Then we glued the letters to the ribbon and hung it up when it was all dry! Thanks again Jennifer for the cheery banner to cover my white wall....(no I haven't worked on the quilt lately...aacckkk).

So this morning, Brooklyn got dressed in her birthday outfit. I made a Carla C bowling shirt with pink dot and cupcake fabric. I love that pattern...its lined and hangs so well! Then, I made a double layer twirl skirt with the same fabrics. My friend Marlo suggested I applique a tee under the bowling shirt. I knew just what to do! I found the perfect applique designs so I put "Birthday Girl" together with a Mickey Cupcake. It stitched out wonderfully! Since its so stinkin cold...did I mention how cold it is???.....she also wore a long sleeve shirt and leggins and socks and sneaks and a double layer coat and hat and gloves!!!! OK, I'll try to quit whining about!

So here is Brooklyn showing us her new age!!!!

I slipped in the BBB crown...I mean she is a birthday princess right?
Getting ready for school!
After school I had Brooklyn take a few pics in the waning you could maybe see the colors of the fabric more clearly....I told Brook to come outside without her coat for 30 sec....she thought I was crazy!!! Brrrr MOM!!!!
Doing a crazy twirl!
some sort of face.... ( can you see her sticker from school...its said happy birthday)
The girls had a friend over for a little while after school and then dad came home and we got ready to go out to dinner. We had a coupon.....if you know my hubby, you know he LOVES coupons, for a local restaurant. So we headed over. I bundled everyone up. The girls were all tired and I hoped this dinner would go well.
We sat down and looked over the menu for a bit. After a good 10 minutes, no waitress had even greeted us or even entered the room. There were about 6 or 7 tables of other diners and one waitress. I brought stuff for the girls to color while we waited. The other waitress must have noticed us just sitting there, so she dropped off a basket of butter or anything...we had no drinks....and said "I'm not your waitress but here is some bread." So Edmund started timing....he said if no one comes in the next 10 minutes we are leaving. So we sat and of course the waitress was no where to be seen. I know there had to be a second waitress but I never saw her. So we packed everything up and I rebundled my babies and we headed out for a different restaurant. The hostess looked so surprised that no one helped us and apologized. My husband went around the corner to the owner...who was in the pizza shop, and told him what happened. So that is my funny story. Anyone else ever had this happen?

Trying to keep busy during our 20 minute wait....
Brookie was starving!
So, we got back in the car and headed across the street to the only other restaurant...which is probably where we should have gone originally. We had immediate and excellent service and really enjoyed our meal!
Coloring while we wait for our came in about 10 minutes thank goodness!!!
Sweet Sarah sipping on some seven-up!!! (Pretty good alliteration, huh)
After that interesting evening, we returned home stuffed! Brooklyn's next task was to open her presents! Inside this package, was a Tag reader storage carrier.
We all gathered round to see what else she got!

Tag reader books!

And the Tag reader itself and another book! I love this Tag reader...we read Cat In The Hat before bed and it has music and sounds to go with the games and all. LOVE IT!!!!
An "over the door" easel and art display...this thing is sooo cool!
This is perfect because the girls LOVE to play school and arrange their "teacher" supplies! Plus they can display their creations on the other side. It has all sorts of pockets....what fun!
Aunt Mary sent Brooklyn a present too!!! Thank you so much Aunt Mary!!!! Brooklyn opened the box and found a birthday tin. When she took the lid off, it started playing "Happy Birthday" music!!!!
Opps...a little out of order here...more "teacher supplies"
Ahhh, here is the pic of musical tin...and the yummy cookies inside! She was amazed!
A group pic of my three girls!!!
Then we all made our way into the kitchen for some dessert! We had a little cake in mind!!!

Happy Birthday to you......
We all gathered around the birthday girl to get our pics!!!

Then she blew out the candle (again...we did this a couple of days ago too!)
And now my baby is officially five!
And there you have it! A little family birthday party. I am planning to have her half year party on June 6th at the park and zoo....hopefully it will be warmer and we can enjoy an outing!!!

Well, keep warm and safe! I am thinking about you all! Working on two projects this weekend....testing a Scientific Seamstress pattern you'll love and I am going to try a new pattern (well new for me...some of you have done lots of them) called a Vida...for Valentine's. Plus I gotta get going on my Cat in the Hat outfit for Read Across America Day.

God Bless!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Brooklyn!! It looks like she had a fab birthday! Your story of walking out of the restaurant made me husband is a stickler for that sort of thing too! It is a little embarrassing to walk out but he just wont stand for the bad service thing!

    Stay warm