Saturday, January 16, 2010

Do you box?

Hope all is going well with you! The winter has been absolutely cold and dreary here. The snow is gone now...and hopefully we will have a bit of a warm-up this weekend...a balmy 45 would suit me fine!

But, I have a cool new pattern for you to check out! It's the first in a series of handy box patterns...called Case Study! My friend, Carla, has a great blog all about it! So last weekend I gathered the materials together. Sweet Carla sent me what I needed and I followed the directions...blindly. I had no idea what I was doing...and how in the world she figured this whole thing out. It turned out to be so easy!!! All of the was a box! And a cute one to boot!

What do you think? I made the medium and brought it into school and its holding a bunch of supplies. The kids at school even liked it! If you are interested you can purchase the pattern at You Can Make This! There are more box patterns on the way too! Some with handles and all different shapes for getting organized!

Speaking of which, after I clean today, I am tackling the hall closets. Two of them. Getting them organized....wish me luck....part of my New Year's Resolution. And...I am making some dresses for the upcoming holidays! So exciting! I will take some before and after pics and post later on!

On a serious note...prayers for those in Haiti. Such devestation and inability to help effectively...what a tragedy. Just breaks my heart. It just seems like things are going downhill fast. Prayers for everyone who is suffering and sick and worried and mourning. I pray for comfort and peace.

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  1. Cute! I love the box and it looks like you did a great job making it.

    I, too, and devasted by what has happened in Haiti. Those poor is almost beyond comprehension. I am praying for them.