Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving meal! I just want to thank my family and friends for all of the special memories! I am blessed and thankful for so much!!!

We had a simple meal for was just us this year. Devon made a table for her stuffie friends...Cowy even got a Thanksgiving sweater to wear!
Setting the table...I went and found fabric I also cleaned off the fridge...there were about 5297297 things posted all over it!!
The kids at school who are taking the "flower shop" class made this centerpiece! It was supposed to have yellow flowers not white. Darn. Oh brightened the table anyways.
The girls made Turkey napkin rings. I love kid-made stuff!
Desserts are ready!
We watched football and ate snacks for lunch....
All junk food! and the kids were amazed they were allowed to eat OUTSIDE of the kitchen!
Every year we have the kids point at the turkey before we carve it!
Just in case you missed it the first time! Darn about that blank wall. I have a quilt for it...started it...gotta finish it...hopefully by Christmas!
Everyone ready to eat????
After thanksgiving prayers everyone read their "What I am thankful for" sweet!
We all took a break for a few hours and came back for the yummy desserts!
Making faces! LOL


Have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow is Black Friday! Don't spend all your money in one place!!! We are keeping the holidays low key this year...instead we have a calender filled with fun inexpensive family things to do. Don't'll get to see and hear all about it!

P. S.
Oh and just a little bit about my sweet Sarah...she did a great job this past quarter at school...she is such a hard worker! I made her a cake to celebrate the other day


I am taking all orders for Christmas pj pants....I can make adults and children's in any length. Let me know since I am getting fabric (flannel) for them this weekend. ;) I will post about my latest sewing projects and I think tonight I will dig out my poor quilt and see if I can figure out where I left off last Feb....ahhh!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love reading your posts. You're such a great Mom Cathy!! :)