Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

I added this pic in....forgot it originally!!!

Hello Everyone!
After our trip I feel like I am out of sync with the sudden change into the holidays. For those of you waiting for a trip report update...I will be doing that today after I clean. Gotta get the sick germs out of this house for good. Had a very stressful week but this weekend has been so relaxing! Yesterday we hung out with our friends and went to Lime Ricky's Christmas Party and then we went into Cape May to the Physick Estate Christmas Tree Lighting and house tour. Kind of touresty (I know...not a real word) things to do but fun and it is definitely helping me get into the spirit of things!

The boardwalk was empty..and the beach has recovered after a 4-day Norester!

Edmund has bunny ears...wrong holiday...whopps!
They had lots of good eats at the party!
Desiree put a dollar in the nearest machine and beginner's luck...she hit the jackpot! 1000 tickets and a chance at the wheel!
It took forever to get all of the tickets!!!
We chanted...lucky, lucky, lucky!
Getting more quarters from daddy!
Sarah won a special drawing and was able to pick out a card in Santa's special mailbox!
Here we are with the manager Chris....what did she win????
Believe it or not....she won a TomTom GPS!!!! I was so excited! Now I can wrap it up and give it to Edmund for Christmas!!! LOL!
They had a tree and everything!
Later, Sarah had to wear the Lime Ricky suit and sing a Christmas carol in the microphone!
She sang Santa Clause is Coming To Town!
Winning tickets and spinning the wheel...everyone say Lucky Lucky Lucky!

Then all of the sudden...Santa Clause arrived with plush for everyone!!!!

One last hug from Brooklyn. Of course, Devon would have no parts of the guy in the red suit. I don't blame her...Santa still scares me! LOL!
Now, I left the camera home for the second part of the evening because it was dark out and there is no photography allowed in the Physick Estate home. But it was a perfect evening. The moon was a crescent, the stars were was mild. The trees were lit with lots of lights and there were carolers and hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. Mr and Mrs Clause came. There was no line to see Mrs. Clause so the girls talked to her for a while! It was the perfect evening!

So now its time to get ready for Thanksgiving! We are so blessed and I have so much to be thankful for!!! I hope everyone has a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. That does look like so much fun! Do they have skee ball? Of course they do...I totally love skee ball! I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!!


  2. Darn...I must have left out the pic of Devon playing skeeball. I challenged my friend to a game and she beat me good!!! I can only get like 250 or 260 at the highest!!!

  3. OK Annie I added it to the top!!! :)