Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A mid-week posting...

Hello all.....I am trying not to fall too far behind! How is your week going so far? Good... I hope!
This past weekend blossomed into a gorgeous weekend! The weather was ideal! We visited an indoor Strawberry Festival and cleaned around the house (and inside) and got to play in the sprinkler for the first time! Here are the girls thoroughly enjoying themselves...

The girl's room got a mini-makeover! I found the cutest comforter at WallyWorld for them and it really freshened up the place!!!

Sarah wrote the most beautiful poem last night...so I thought I would publish it here for you all to read.....

Sensing Happiness
by Sarah
Happiness isSmelling sweet, sun-drenched roses and beautifully blossomed daisies in a mulch-covered garden.
Happiness isSeeing the last raindrop fall from the willow tree onto the mild grass after a thunderstorm.
Happiness isFeeling a slight breeze through my hair as I eat a grape flavored icicle on my front porch.
Happiness isTasting a cold glass of pink lemonade on the beach under a cool umbrella on a sizzling day.
Happiness isInhaling a superior cheeseburger with a toasted bun right off the first-class grill.
Happiness isSpotting a multi-colored rainbow on the horizon as the rain mists into a nearby puddle.
Happiness isListening to just a tweet of a little blue robin makes me feel so glad to be in a place like this.
Happiness isTouching just the slightest bit of warmth from a fire makes my body tingle.
Happiness isEating my favorite dessert chocolate makes me feel good and happy inside.

Isn't that wonderful?? I am just a proud mama...don't mind me. So she has also been working hard on two projects due this week...she wrote and illustrated a book and she also scrapbooked 12 other projects she did during the year. What a great experience to edit and decorate and publish your work...way to go Sarah!!!!!!

Here we are at the Strawberry Festival.....yummy goodness....pound cake, vanilla ice cream, whip cream and LOTS of strawberries! Insert in mouth and say "mmmmmmmmmmmm"

And now for a little sewing....I started making "kindermats" for our preschool teacher. She wants them for all of her new little students next year. Here is Brooklyn modeling them. They fold up and can be carried. It includes a blanket and pillow. There is a padded insert that you slide out the bottom when you want to wash them. They are made with extra soft flannel...nighty night!!!!

And, last but not least, I had some fabric left-over after making the tunics so I made two pillow-case dresses. Unfortunately when I shirred the top, it made it feel "itchy". I solved the problem by putting a tank top underneath....however these pics were pre-tank top...so the unhappy expression pretty much tell it all...hahahaha

And that is the end of my little update! Thanks for stopping in!!!
This coming weekend will be pretty neat. My friend and the sweetest and most talented person I know is coming for a visit! Yes, that's right....Carla, who designs most of the patterns I use, will be bringing her family for the weekend. I can't wait!! We are going to be attending Jennifer Paganelli's Open House http://jenniferpaganelli.typepad.com/sis_boom_day_dreams/2009/05/index.html
in Connecticut. We also want to fit in some beach time and a dinner out! I will be sure to take lots of pictures!!!
Till then...have a blessed week!

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  1. What a great update, Cathy!
    Wow! Sarah's poem is great!

    So jealous of you spending time with Carla and her family and going to Jennifer's open house!
    Wish we could come!