Friday, June 19, 2009

Back in Business

Our Newest Arrival!
With the help of my friend, Carla, I was able to locate a Janome 10000 from Craig's List! A very sweet older lady was finally upgrading to her dream machine, a Berina, and was selling her "baby" to me. She included everything she had bought for the machine over the past 8 years! I drove down to Maryland and met up with Carla. We fabric shopped in a Super Joann's and went to a neat quilt shop called Bear's Paw. We met with the lady to get the machine then enjoyed a fabulous lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! What delicious food and we even shared a decident rasberry chocolate cheesecake with whipped rolled out of there to walk the mall a bit. It was getting late so I had to head home soon after. But what an excellent day and was fun to get away. Meanwhile back at home, Edmund and the girls played and we got a new garage door and opener! Yaaa! I was so excited to get home and show everyone my newest baby....I even named her....Katie!
Here she is:

I know, I know...she looks just like the other one I had but this time I get to keep her forever!!!!

I also received two boxes full of goodies and accessories! She gave me all kinds of extra feet and extra usb cables and books and cd's of embroidery designs!

She also included several binders with lessons and tutorials which will be great to help me learn how to embroider!

She gave me 4 hoops...even a round one! The giga one has never been used!

Here is a thread set I bought just as the other machine was being returned....its been sitting here waiting to be used! There are 60 colors of shiny embroidery thread! Can't wait to try it!

Oh and she also threw in the "Amazing Box" which translates embroidery languages to other languages/formats... I have no idea how it works..something about putting cards in slots...good thing for great directions! She only used it once. So that is everything! I am so esited!!!!!

So today I got up and just had to get started using Katie. She started right up and sewed like a dream!!! I finished Sarah's tunic! Here I am getting ready to sew for the first time!

All finished! Sarah picked Jennifer Paganelli's "Casey Scroll" from the Bellbottom line in black/white! Isn't she so pretty!

So we decided to go to the zoo and park today since it was so nice out. We wore our tunics...the neighbor took our picture in our matchy!

So off to have fun we went! I ran into a friend who may order two tunics which is so cool! Sarah was like a walking advertisement! I may have to set up a webpage or something! If anyone wants to order this fabulous tunic pattern for adults or children, please click here.... . Jennifer Paganelli's fabric is available in many places but here is a link to her website for some ... The pattern designer for both the children's and adult tunics is Carla at...


  1. Cathy, Katie looks awesome! What a find! I keep scouraging Craig's list too. But nothing worth calling about yet. Boo!
    I spy some BEAUTIFUL fabric sitting behind Katie! Lovely!
    Have fun with YOUR Katie! I think she found a great home!

  2. I hope Katie is behaving herself! What a great find! Enjoy!

  3. You all look great in your tunics! They are so cute! Why dont you set up an etsy store?
    What an awesome machine...I am green with envy!

  4. You all are the cutest! I love the tunics. OMG Cathy I am learning to sew and I am totally addicted!!! This weekend I made 9 pairs of shorts and a skirt. The shorts are very easy and plain but hey I am doing it! My friend Ashley and I are splitting the sewing up for our Sept Disney trip....between us it's something like 100 pieces (10 people x 10 days x top and bottoms)I hope I can get to it all. I need to learn how to put Mickey heads on shirts...hope my little Singer can do that...took me 1/2 a day just to learn to thread it (instructions were on VHS tape and I don't have a VCR!) I hope someday i can make stuff as cute as what you made for my kids...It's still my favorite and I am so sad they are outgrowing it in size a little.

  5. Amber...I am sooo proud of you!!! You go girl!!!!Its easy to do Mickey heads. You do need to buy two things though. Stablizer (it holds the fabric still/stable so your machine can stitch properly and not miss stitches). Stablizer goes on the back of the fabric. And you also need an adhesive to hold the shape to the tee while you are stitching. I buy Heat and Bond LITE (must be LITE version)so it doesn't gunk up your needle and for stablizer, I buy Sulky "Iron On Tear Away" (has a green label).
    Set your machine to zig zag stitch (satin stitch). I make the stitches really really close setting is like 0.5 (out of 6)and for width I like to set it at 2.5 (out of 6). Practice doing turns. Try to turn the fabric a little bit each time the needle goes up and down. If I have to pivot, I leave the needle down into the fabric on its outward side and lift the presser foot and turn the fabric.
    If you have any questions email me at