Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 7th....A Very Exciting Day!!!

Why so exciting you ask??? Well, lots of reasons! First, my hubby had a birthday and turned a year older so now we aren't the same age anymore....hehehe. Daddy decided to take the girls to the annual Cape May Baby Parade himself. I couldn't attend and I didn't order any dresses and prepare like I usually do. We decided they could wear their Disney clothes and be comfy and have fun! If you recall, my friend Tom, made Devon a beautiful Snow White dress. She wore that. Brooklyn wore the Provincial Belle dress I just finished and they were both good to go. They even had some apple and a book! They loved the parade and had fun waving at everyone. It wasn't as hot as it usually is and they really enjoyed themselves. At the end they won 2nd and 3rd place and received their trophies from Miss New Jersey and Queen Maysea. Afterwards, they had lunch at Hot Dog Tommy's. If you ever visit Cape May, you gotta get a dog there. Then they went to the Cape May Point Lighthouse and did some arts and crafts and came home...tired and happy!

The other VERY EXCITING news concerns the developments of our very own Scientific Seamstress, Carla She somehow managed to assemble, write and test two more awesome Sis Boom patterns which are now available at Both Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Crim have teamed up to make some beautiful fashionable clothing that you can recreate using these fantastic patterns. They take you through step-by-step. You can even use Sis Boom fabric lines and mix and match until you find just the look you are after. I love that you can make mother/daughter clothing for yourself or others. They make awesome gifts too!!! Three cheers for the talents of Jennifer and Carla!!!!

Our store on Etsy is going really well too. You can find it at
These patterns are essential for creating special clothing for vacation, travel, school or just everyday wear. Check out all of these creations on "flicker" of people who have made things with Carla's patterns: If you have made clothing with Carla's patterns and would like to add your creation to the flicker group, please do so. There are instructions right there in the discussion part of how to do it.
The next exciting development, see I told you it was an exciting day, is that we have a website up and running....check this out...http:// It is here that you can find out the latest and greatest information about what is available and see products, descriptions, pictures, and up-and-coming events and news! I love the cartoon version of Carla too! She doesn't stop working either so there are more new patterns on their way!
I can't say enough that if you have never tried sewing or tried it and got discouraged, to pick up one of these patterns. Carla takes you through step-by-step with great illustrations on what to do. I am helping a friend next week learn to sew. She is coming over and picking out a Carla pattern to start with. I know she will be successful. That success builds your confidence and you do more and learn more and it really opens doors to future possibilities. I am part of a sewing thread, and I have seen it over and over. People stop in on the thread and see the awesome creations. They buy Carla's patterns and try it themselves....and they do a GREAT job!!!
If any of you are on Facebook, there is a group of us you can is a link to it.... We love facebook!!!
School is less than a month away...I am not the least bit ready for I am off to work on my sew-along skirt and some back-to-school clothing. I will be completing my sew-along instructions and have it ready for whoever wants it pretty soon. Hope you have a great week!!! Love seeing all the pics of everyone's summer activities! Keep it up!


  1. How sweet are those Cape May Baby Girls??? Sooooo beautiful and confident...way to go daddy for making it happen! I love that they won big in Precious Dresses, too!

    It has been a big week for us Scientific Seamstresses, huh? I couldn't have gotten this far without you and the rest of the lab crew, and I just feel so blessed!

  2. Cathy you are a bright and shining star in my you little lady!!