Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let Them Have Cake!

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay in writing my blog and keeping you up-to-date! We've been enjoying the rest of the month of April....mostly eating cake! I'll show you! After we returned to school (after an awesome Spring Break!), Sarah had a birthday...can you believe she was this small 12 short years ago????

And here she is today! And those glasses....they got the boot! Part of her birthday present was new contacts! She had to take a class on how to put them in and take them out....and she can do it all by herself! Way to go Sarah!!!!
So we had a lovely birthday dinner....
and then she opened stuff for her bed!!!
Darling Brooklyn made her a card!!
Aren't these sheets festive and happy?
Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. This is cake #2 for the month. Remember the Easter Egg cake? That was cake #1.
12 candles and 1 for good luck! Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you!!!
Later that week I finished and mailed two outfits for the Big Give! Catherine was going on her Make A Wish trip and the disboutiquers love to contribute special clothing and fun goodies! Here is Catherine's dress.....she loves Aurora!
This was for her older sister.... and we also sent a cool sticker book for her brother!!!
Brooklyn was also due for a haircut or something. The tangles were terrible no matter how much conditioner and no-more-tangles spray we used. So off we went to chop off a few inches! Here is the before shot....
Getting it cut....
Almost done....
After shot!
Ahhhhhhh....that is so much better!
We even had some mommy and Brooklyn time and it ended with a Mickey D's blizzard!
That weekend, we were invited to attend a special birthday bowling party! I know a cute little man who was turning 4!!!!!
Hey those are some cool shoes Devon!
Brooklyn....I am over here! I think she was watching the ball!
There she goes!
And here is Devon trying....she only had one ball get stuck midway down the lane!
Sarah and her best friend! Awwwwww!
The birthday boy....I told you he was cute!!!
The big sister....she was so helpful with the little kids at the party!
The is Brooklyn-speak for 1 pin left standing!
Ahhh Edmund the party pirate! You go honey! Arggg!
The Pirate Cake...isn't it so neat! I loved the cupcake ocean too! This would be cake #3!
Goody bag pirate treasure chests.....what a great idea!
After the bowling party, Sarah's friend came along with us to....where else...the boardwalk and ......wait for it......Lime Rickey's!!!!
We came....we were served cookies by Jonathan's replacement....Connor....and....
Haley scored big time...she hit the 1000 ticket jackpot!!! Whaaahoot!
The we headed to the beach to find the treasure buried in the sand....using GPS!
It was freezing and Haley and I had no jackets...brrrrrr!
And so we zigged and zagged around for a while ....
when we suddenly hit the target! Yaaaa...a treasure box filled with more points, a fried oreo ticket and a free lime rickey!
Eating our prizes!
Then we headed home! What a great day! Haley was to sleep over so her mom brought over her stuff! And they brought Sarah's birthday present too!
It was filled with all kinds of goodies! Thank you sweet friends!!!!
A final pic of the girls with the birthday boy!!!
Oh and here is a close up of what I made him for his birthday. The mom asked if I could do something piratey and that's exactly what they got! Here is the red pirate tee....
And the Bowling shirt (by Scientific Seamstress)'s the front...
and the back! Perfect for any little pirate!
The next week started with Sarah finally getting her contacts. So no more glasses in the pictures! On Tuesday, Devon had her dance banquet which was limited to certain groups such as student-of-the-week recipients. Sarah came along too and Brooklyn and daddy had some time together at home!
And there was cake (#4) !!! It was absolutely delicious and aren't they the prettiest looking cakes? I loved the little dance figurines on them. This is the sweetest dance teacher around! Love you Miss Babe!
Here is Devon receiving her trophy!
She was so happy!
I tried to get a close-up of it...and those pretty flowers!
And here she 8:30 pm...wide awake and excited! So, yes, it was a late night!
Two days later it was the technical rehearsal for dance. Here is Sarah...dancing mid-stage....
and here she is on the right...
and here she is standing with both arms up to the right of the group! They have a fun number called Dive Into the Pool. Devon missed her practice due to conflicting schedules but next week is the actual dress rehearsal and recital and we won't be missing that!
The week ended at work with an early dismissal and teacher workshop. I actually gave a short 1 hour was so nice to talk over things with other teachers! I was also spoiled the entire day....why you ask...well, it was actually my birthday! My great friends at work made breakfast and lunch and showered me with birthday good wishes and gifts! I really work with the greatest bunch of people! Love you guys!!!

And when hubby came home he surprised me with my favorite and white tulips! They are so pretty and smelled yummy!
He also told me we had reservations for........
our local hibachi restaurant. I have never been there so I was most pleasantly surprised! Here we are when we first arrived...
Sarah and Edmund deciding what to get...
and it was about that time that the group behind us was being entertained. This included loud noises, general ruckus and fire...and, well, poor Brooklyn had a melt down. I actually had to take her out of the restaurant and try to calm her down. I explained the whole process of the cooking in front of guests, and that no one would get hurt and so on. I took her on a quick tour and then we sat back down....look at this face. She didn't look too convinced....hahahahahahahaha!
Finally it was our turn! I love how she is peaking out behind her glasses to see what was going on! The rest of us loved the whole show!
Here is our chef preparing fried rice!
We all loved every bite of was absolutely delish! Think Devon liked it???
and Sarah who is normally the pickiest eater...loved every bite of it too!
And look who came out of her shell finally!
We rolled out of the restaurant stuffed and headed home. It was a beautiful day still so we went for a walk and played. Finally around 8 pm we guessed it....cake #5! Ice cream cake....don't you love the chocolate crunchies? It was certainly a wonderful day!
Somehow I finished this next project in the nick of time. The girls had swim lessons Saturday morning and I finished up this cute cheerleader set for our next adventure. The girls were invited to a birthday party at Bounce U. We had never been and they were all looking forward to it. I spoke to the mom, Kim, about making an outfit and she said a cheerleading ensemble would be great. I used Carla's Perfectly Preppy Skort pattern and I was so impressed with the pleat guide and how easily it came together. I also used cotton ribbing and it was so comfy and soft! I was going to make a sleeveless top but opted for a pull over tee instead. We decorated it with a cute cheerleader and ribbons on the side. I also make matching hairbows. Here is the skirt...
and the bows and top...
Brooklyn modeled it briefly before I wrapped it up....the girls were about the same size and I wanted to be sure the cotton ribbing wasn't going to stretch too much. I love how the shorts poke out underneath!
And then we put on our Celebrate tees (from our Disney trip) and headed to the party! There were kids of all ages there so it really made it fun!
Devon and Brook with the birthday girl!!! Happy Birthday Shayla!!!
The party was divided into three segments (rooms). We started in a smaller room with three or four bounce units. The kids had an absolute blast!!! Here comes Devon down the slide!
Sarah on the run...
Taking Brooklyn on her first time through the obstacle course!
Brooklyn coming through the tunnel..
And both girls down the slide!!!
Course the older girls found the cars ( meant for toddlers) and drove them around the was hilarious!
After about 30 minutes, we transfered to the larger room! It had a huge 5 person wide slide! Here is Devon and Aubrey sliding...
and the girls chatting...
Finally Brook was brave enough to try the big slide! Weeeeeeeeee!
View across the soccer field!
Bouncing, bouncing ....
At the end of the hour....I found these girls trying to cool off with the wind machine.
We then made our way to the party room for dinner! They had lots of pizza and hoagies and, of course, cake #6!!!! The birthday girl got to sit on the throne!

Here she is opening presents!
And goodie bags at the end! What a fun fun fun party! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and used up tons of energy too! Hope you have a wonderful year being 5 sweet Shayla!!!
Since we were within 10 minutes of Joann Fabrics....and I needed some special elastic for my next project, I figured I would take the girls and run in after we left the party. Well, I got the elastic alright....and a bagful of fabric besides! How did this happen??? LOL! The green and yellow denim will be shorts for Sarah and the plaid as well. She picked those out! Devon found a 3 fabric set for dresses. And the blue denim on the bottom is for moi. ;)
So we got a call from our friends to come on over and sing Happy Birthday to Matthew (it was his actual real birthday) so we headed over there for a quick visit! Gosh he is the cutest sweetie pie. Did I mention this visit included cake #6???!!! I think Sarah opted for just the ice cream at this point! LOL!
Devon played American Girl with Paige!
Ohhhh and here is the birthday boy himself....he's the new sheriff in town....
Eventually everyone was outside enjoying a kickball game. Dusk was falling.....
So I ruined the fun and gathered all my chickadees and finally made it home!
What a day! One interesting event occurred before bed....a wedding....
Where's the cake?????


  1. Wow!!! Cakealicious fun all over the place! Your family is just so awesome!!! We've just got to get up there and hang out with you all this summer!

  2. I love the last line! How could you get married without cake!!

    Sarah is looking so grown up! Love Brooklyn's new hair cut. I am glad she ended up enjoying the dinner! I love hibachi.

    Wow, your creations were all adorable! That cheerleader outfit turned out perfect! And the pirate one too! And I already told you your big give ones were! I am so glad you made them! Loved seeing your celebrate shirts again too.

    Thanks for the wonderful update. It is always so fun to read what you guys have been up to. Oh, and what is a Lime Rickey? I knew it was the place but didn't realize you could eat or drink whatever it is.

  3. pass the cake, please!
    what a GREAT update - you've been busy!
    Love you, girl!

  4. Fun birthday pics! Kids do grow up so fast indeed. Sometimes you just wish time could slow down a bit so you can enjoy them more.
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